Suggestion for Daemonhost

hello community, maybe this post seems useless or unnecessary but I had to do it, don’t you think that the Daemonhost is very forgotten in each game, I understand what they did with it and everything, but unless you have just started playing I don’t think that the Daemonhost is a The problem is simply surrounding it, I think they should change that to something more like okay, you can surround it or you can try to kill it and we will give you a certain reward. I think it would be a good way to give the Daemonhost some use because right now it is oh I hear a Daemonhost, locate it and surround it. and that’s it

Because you are supposed to avoid it. If you let it drop a reward, then people are going to actively fight it, which is not a good idea because most people have no idea how to fight it. This will also lead to a drastic increase of Zealots with hammer and Ogryn with shield, because people want to be prepared to fight a demonhost with randoms.

So no, a reward is not a good idea and you are not the first one to ask for one. Just get it in your head that this is an enemy you are supposed to avoid. Also get in your head that Darktide is not a game about killing stuff, its a game about reaching the end of the level and the enemies only exist to hinder you in this.

If you want to play a game that is about killing stuff, then i suggest Diablo 4.

with ‘‘surround’’ he means skip

That me meant “go around” was understandable, but I agree the reward should be for finishing the run, not for killing enemies.

The Demohost is a trap: you see it and you are supposed to avoid it, if you trigger it (because you’ve been careless or a mutant threw you into it) then you have to face the consequences.

It’s not a loot pinata.

Mini bosses should drop rewards. Not Demonhosts.

I like the way it is.

My only suggestion for changing the DH is adding higher damage and less health, closer to a witch from L4D.

This way you could burst it more reliably down if it woke up, instead of making sure you’re the 3rd or 4th member to attack it if someone wakes it up.

I think in one place I wrote that I understand what they wanted to do with the Daemonhost (L4D witch) and of course it is to get from point A to B and enemies in between but what I am referring to and it is written even though it seems that you did not take it into account or you simply don’t know how to read, unless you have just started playing the Daemonhost with some experience, it becomes a useless obstacle because it will never be activated at any time.

Well, it would be a good way to make it less terrifying to wake him up but technically it already is because to be honest in high difficulties if you wake up the DH it is because something is wrong and what this post is about is precisely why they should make it worth waking him up don’t just go around it

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