Daemonhosts are just ....stupid

Horribly implemented and having a no chance revive if downed seems to counter to everything else in this game.

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I mean they’re kind of meant to be avoided, aren’t they? Not being able to revive unless you can win a DPS race seems to be the punishment. High risk, little reward but an achievement.

Speaking of reward, coming from V2 I still have to break the habit of looking for loot die after killing a monstrosity. Would love to get something for taking one down but oh well.


Don’t hit them then

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They are stupid. Thats why you activly avoid them.

(Thats the whole point.)

the only problem i have is bots don’t avoid them >_<


Gotten lucky and so far people have mostly avoided them when told.

They’re just witches for L4D fed alot of heretical crack. Stay away from them, and you’ll be fine. If you DO get attacked by them. They are weaker to head dumps from braced autoguns then anything else it seems.

You aren’t supposed to trigger them! They are there as a trap for those who are careless. You get all kinds of warnings before encountering one.

I think they are a GREAT gameplay element. It’s the sort of thing that tears you apart but makes you think “Yeah, I deserved that”, if you are being honest with yourself, of course.


The point is to avoid daemonhosts. That said, i think there should be a reward for killing them, like give us some diamantine or something for god’s sake. They’re already basically impossible to deal with if you’re missing a shield ogryn.


I think they are a great addition and add an interesting piece to the gameplay loop

My only criticism would be that they need two kills to satiate their hunger and leave. I started levelling my psyker earlier and a random decided to engage it and got wrecked. It then targets me and wails on me until I also die.

From my perspective there was literally no possibility of survival, because of somebody elses poor decision. That isn’t satisfying at all.

Honestly, I love Daemonhosts.
Before the game were released, I thought that it would be awesome to fight some kind of Warp entity that could teleport (like vermintide Lifeleech) and do crazy stuff. But I also thought that it would be crazy to code a fair fight and I stopped think about that.
Then, the first time we fought it and we get obliterated I could not be more happy. Fight a mostly undefeteable daemon is the most 40kish thing one imperium soldier could do.


They are a boss that punishes the people who run ahead and don’t listen to chat. They can be avoided.

While avoiding them works, getting a team reward for purposefully fighting them would be nice.


I’d love Monstrosities to drop something like 10x difficulty level Diamantine or Palasteel or something. Right now two plague ogryn in one mission means you were just inconvenienced twice and maybe someone got 2 kills towards their weekly.


People must be avoiding them, i killed one yesterday and got the achievment and only 0.1% of players have it. Ive also died to them many more times and its fun watching the death animation haha

At least in VT2 you got loot dice for killing big monsters. We’ve gone backwards in darktide.

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You avoid them, same as witch in L4D

When it lets you, the still messed up enemy spawning is at its most evil when you’re in a brawl with a mob rolling around a room and the AI director wakes up and remembers to put that Daemonhost in the room while you’re already on top of it.

Also I’m still adamant that witch is a terrible comparison because of how much better designed the witch is. I mean you can even kill that enemy in one hit with some risk to properly balance its roadblock element. Unless its Realism the witch can be burst down reliably before losing a player and doesn’t take another for the crime of attempting to kill it, the only way to alter witch aggro without physically standing in her way past 1 stumble is fire. And you can do more than back dodge and hold M2 or slab shield special for counterplay.


Killing it dead before it wakes up is also very 40k themed.

Maybe give it 25% hp to serve as a DPS check, enough hp so you couldn’t solo it but the whole team shooting it would down him. If you are able to down him move him to a different location, servings as wounds perhaps?

But if he does wake up, the hp goes to full and the team wishes they had an ogryn with a shield. (which currently breaks the boss fight)

Yea, I have had a game where it spawned on top of us. That defiantly needs to be fixed.

It’s not like they don’t need to be refined, but I’m against the removal, or even changing their behavior of mercilessly tunneling a single player until they are dead.

I WANT the game to be challenging. I WANT missions to fail when a team doesn’t work together. I WANT truly dangerous enemies. Neither of the other mini-bosses are that dangerous, even at higher levels; they feel like they exist to drain ammo, mostly.

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