Daemonhosts are incredibly underwhelming and needs a respectful buff

Please actually read this before responding with your opinions on this topic without actually seeing the point that I’m trying to get across

The Daemonhosts are one of the most unique encounters in the game, and when it comes to fighting one it’s underwhelmingly easy. Once a Daemonhost downs someone it stops everything that it’s doing and starts to absorb the lifeforce of the player leaving it vulnerable for a very long time. Ogryns have a shield that can tank every attack and psykers and zealots can easily tank this damage as well. Me and the boys play on damnation and heresy incase your wondering or thinking I’m just playing on a low easy difficulty. When we play heresy and we spot a Daemonhost, one of us provokes it for fun and 1v1s it for the hell of it, usually the result is the Daemonhost being defeated and the player just barely surviving the encounter. The fact that a single player can take out a Daemonhost on heresy (even worse on lower difficulties) is incredibly sad especially when you put into perspective that you’ll have your whole team with you so if things do go down south they can jump in and easily deal with it together with no trouble. If somehow most of your team dies to the Daemonhost, it will often leave the team alone with one player alive even though this is unnecessary considering how this thing can be easily fought as it acts the same way as a minotaur in the previous game (plus it’s sort of awkward to see such an aggressive enemy suddenly dip when its almost completed its job,) but I do like the idea of if the rest of your team is far away enough it’ll stop, much like patrols in the old game. Unlike other monsters that summons hordes when they spawn, this one is just all on its own which means the teammates won’t be distracted and can easily defeat this monster.

Two ways to easily make the Daemonhost stronger and more fearful overall is if the Daemonhost regains back health while consuming the downed player during its execution, sort of like the chaos spawn in vermintide while its chowing down on the player OR, Another alternative is instead after each player’s essence or soul that is absorbed, it gets stronger (higher damage and bigger stagger towards the players) and considering thus far there hasn’t been any sort of enemy throughout all the 'tide games that gets stronger the more players it kills, it will make it a very interesting and new boss mechanic instead of it being like every other monster so far (which’ll make sense as its a daemon after all.) As well as in its current state it feels awkward when your watching and the Daemonhost gains nothing from the life absorption when realistically it feels as though it should. The easiness to avoid this enemy is perfect as it’s provoking range is closely that related to the witch in left for dead by getting incredibly close or shooting it. It’s just the fighting part that makes this less of a “oh crap, oh sh*t!” moment after you hear the ghostly demonic screech, but instead in its current state its more of a “aw cmon, again?” reaction as you turn to go fight it. (P.S why can bots provoke this enemy?) Increasing the range of provoking wouldn’t make it any harder and instead make it more annoying where as the problem is how easy it is to be defeated. Although I do believe where it spawns should be where it stays instead of it teleporting off elsewhere further into the mission if you leave it unprovoked, which makes it seem like there is too many daemonhosts per mission.

Overall the Daemonhost is suppose to appear as an almost unstoppable foe when provoked, but for those unfamiliar with Warhammer might just see it as another boss spawn. I’m not the only one who feels this way am I? Should the Daemonhost stay as being an easy to avoid with a low threat to fight? I’d love for the Daemonhost to be truly terrifying as its name and character suggests for it to be as an optional enemy to fight.

I think you’re going to need to explain what you are doing that makes it so easy before you’ll get any reasonable conversation on the topic. Most people’s perceptions of it is that its an auto kill of 2 party members before it leaves, unless you have mega DPS.


Yeah, agreed.

If I’m not with a pre-made team, I generally drop into Quickplay’s and PUG it up. And unless the PUG is actively vocal on their intent with a Daemonhost, I will let those who poke it die.

If I accidentally poke it in a PUG, I will also tell my team to let me die for my stupidity.

I understand the encounter is mostly a DPS check and it’s hard as hell to hit unless it’s taking it’s time siphoning the life force out of a team mate. But how you claim to have people “soloing” and claiming the triggered encounter is “trivial” does not track for me.

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It’s hard to beat without gimmicks; easy to beat with gimmicks.

The daemonhosts need to be more like vermintide 2 minotaur where between certain attacks he takes longer to recover. Then i think a buff where they heal is good.

I agree that it should be more scary and dangerous. Once you are used to it, its not that much of a threat. Even in PUGs as a Zealot if I accidentally set one off I can tank it long enough that even an uncoordinated team will be able to kill it. I might die, but the Deamonhost will too before anyone else dies because of how long I can tank it for

In my opinion waking a deamonhost should be something that only the most hardcore try and do, and they should have a hard time doing it.

I like your idea of it siphoning health from players it kills, but I think it should also be a multi-phase fight.
If you do x amount of damage to it, it disappears, and then will re-appear later in the mission at random, totally out of control of the players. It could show up again at the worst moment possible or appear and attack a player when you are all spread out, or during an objective like carrying the containers.

I dont get it. Why i need to risk entire run on damnation when i can just avoid it? No penalty for avoid it, no prize for kill it? Then just why i need to kill it?

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for the fun and the challenge?

In that case rng shop also good because “fun and challenge”.

that makes zero sense and is not even close to a valid comparison

Challenge for what? U can use right mouse button and can press spacebar in time? Great, glad to u, but where is rewarding system? This is the same problem as grims have. Much risk, and no value at all.

For me personally, I play games to have fun and waste time. I don’t play games purely for the purpose of reaching the limit or cap or max or whatever. I dont feel like everything I do in a game must contribute in some way to my progression in that game

When they first added the Deamonhost it was a huge challenge and I had a great deal of fun trying to beat it. The fun was the reward of the challenge.

Grims are the same thing. I choose to play a game with Grims when I want more of a challenge that the grims add to to the run. The reward is the satisfaction of completing the mission with the added difficulty the grims add

I never said there should not be a reward system for these game mechanics. You asked why would anyone take on the deamonhost in the game (that has no reward system) and I gave you a possible answer

They should add a stagger mechanic to daemonhost that requires skill and timing where some darktide experts can show off.

Yeah… pretty much what everyone else has said already. Daemonhosts are already beyond annoying when that one guy aggros it, dies in like 10 seconds, and then it randomly decides YOU get to die next for your teammate being an idiot and that’s really really not fun.

If I had to change them at all, I would make them only target the people doing damage to it after the initial aggro. Then it becomes a decision of “do I help my team and take this thing down before it can do real damage and risk dying myself.” or “Yeah f*ck that guy I’m just getting as far back as I can from that thing until it’s gone.”

A challenge is always fun when it comes to fearing an overpowering foe. I don’t believe personally Daemonhost should be an easily killable enemy, but in my post I wanted to come up with an idea for everyone to be satisfied with instead of leaning it into being one sided such as being indestructible or just being another ordinary boss in the series. Which is why I really figured it’d be best if just an upgrade in the soul stealing ability will be a plenty enough buff to add that extra fear when encountering one since currently that soul steal is letting the players have a cheesy way to beat it.

Much like patrols in Vermintide which gives no reward to defeating, players will still fight them for that extra fun and challenge just like with the current Daemonhost. But what I’m saying is this enemy should be one to fear of, rather than a being played around with like a fun challenge such as the patrols.

I agree with this even while I was typing my post I was thinking “It’s already annoying for one guy to agro it” but then I just remembered that while as long as your together as a team it shouldn’t be too much of a hustle to defeat. But once again I do agree for it to be annoying at times

that post was a direct response to someone else in this thread. I posted before that my thoughts on the deamonhost’s difficulty

I disagree. They wipe most random groups. My only gripe is they’re not worth fighting. Risk with zero reward.

I think the idea that they’re too easy is just elitist fappery. Or just being bored with the game and not having anything to direct your energy at.

The purpose of a daemonhost is to catch you off guard. They’re land mine units that can wipe you in the middle of a fight or cause serious trouble if someone runs into it while on their own, since it turns into a 1v1 then a 3v1, at best. They aren’t meant to be epic special bosses for you to challenge for your stream audience. They don’t even grant any rewards for bothering with them.

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