New Condition: Haunted

Daemonhosts are awesome but I feel like their presence is kind of nullified by pretty casual game play, what if in Special Conditions, Daemonhosts will wander the area when disturbed even be attracted to psykers with Peril. Would be pretty cool and give more Depth and make the daemon host a lot more anxiety inducing instead of just being able to completely avoid it fairly easy

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I don’t think punishing a single class is a good idea, however fluffy it may seem, but moving daemonhosts would be cool, any more complex than that I don’t think is suited to this type of game.

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That’s fair I just thought it would be cool cause Psykers seem to be escpecially more ‘nope’ around Daemonhosts

If you can add some rewards (such as plastic steel), this condition is worth playing.


:sparkles: Heart Attack :sparkles:

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