Monstrosity Kill Rewards

I think it is personally insane that there is no bonus for killing monstrosities especially Daemonhosts - I mean once everyone got the achievement there is not a soul who would waste their time killing one in any of the difficulties. Which is sad that they go ignored.


I agree with this, however the reward should be rather maginal. I think especially in PUBs it would cause (incase of the Demonhost) that some players simply trigger the boss and wipe the group… I know it’s hard to balance anything for PUBs anyway, but you don’t have to force it. A few materials should be enough.
I would avoid linking them to other penances, because otherwise people will try to farm such objectives, which leads to undesirable situations, especially with PUBs.

Plague ogryn and beast of nurgle should drop mats, and DH should drop some sort of dice (like vt2 does) for an increased chance of earning emperors gift. Then people would actually go for the kill rather than avoiding it.

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