Targeted adjustment idea: Currency rewarded for killing monstrosities

Hey all!

I know this idea has been brought up in the past, but a friend of mine and I were thinking of ways to overhaul the rewards (or lack thereof) for eliminating monstrosities in a way that might complement the updated crafting system and the newer means of gaining resources that came with it.

Monstrosity kills don’t have to provide any absurd bonuses to the point that you’re kicking yourself for dodging a single daemonhost kill on Heresy/Damnation etc., or like you can’t queue unless a mission has the high intensity condition, but I think there’s some merit behind adding some extra incentives to taking these baddies down. Heck, sometimes you just have terrible luck avoiding a daemonhost and you HAVE to fight it, or a plague ogryn does its best Kool-Aid Man impression at random – monstrosity kills are all but inevitable, but as fun as these fights can be, they could do with some sort of reward for actually doing the thing™.

Suggestion #1: A guaranteed bonus to plasteel and/or diamantine for each Plague Ogryn and/or Beast of Nurgle eliminated. I feel that this should scale with difficulty (and possibly other factors, such as if you’re running a mission with a condition and/or a secondary objective). If you wanted to make things really spicy, I don’t know how possible it is to add resources behind the holes in the wall that these large lads leave behind, but maybe that could be a fun and engaging way to implement such rewards.

Suggestion #2: A few Marks for each daemonhost eliminated. AKA known as “Melkbucks” for the cultured among us. This should scale with difficulty and whether your mission has a condition/secondary objective, as well, and I think this could serve as an intuitive method of acquiring more Melkanadian Golden Dollars between weekly resets, which is something I’d personally love to see implemented in some form or fashion.

I’m just going to pitch some random numbers here, since at the end of the day the final values are ultimately up to the devs and what they feel would be reasonable if they add changes along these lines, but I’ve included a handy-dandy poorly-made-in-Paint reference table for what I personally feel might be fair bonuses; for example, each daemonhost kill on Heresy with the Hunting Grounds condition and Scriptures secondary objective would be 8 bonus Marks per kill upon mission completion, or killing two plague ogryns on high intensity malice with no secondary objective would net us 10 plasteel and 5 diamantine each, adding a total of 20 plasteel/10 diamantine to the run.

In order to prevent cheesing/farming, these rewards would probably have to drop at the end of a successful mission, and we’d lose them if we fail the mission instead. Just something to make monstrosity kills feel rewarding would go a long way in adding to replayability, I think.

The effort you took to create the table is worth more than the resources you proposed. Seriously, all those values need to be multiplied by at least 4x. But aside from that, the idea could work.

While the idea isn’t bad i also feel like this is going to make playing damnation awful when it comes to people wanting to directly agro the demon hosts at the worst time. On the other hand that basically happens anyways considering people are dumb or the DH is in the worst spot and can only be skipped by tricky jumps or luck sometimes.

These rewards are also way to low when it comes to fighting something that has the protentional to dumpster half your team and leave the other extremely weakened. If anything i would go so far to so literally x10 all those plus for the DH ad a guaranteed emperor’s gift.

For each ogryn / beast it should be just like:

50 Plasteel 50 Diamantine 10k bonus credits. Double this on H and Damnation. Effectively you get 1-2 free grays from Brunts and some bonus crafting for upgrades. Even then it’s not much more as it’s the equlivent of finding 2 large caches each.

For the DH it should be 100 marks, 200 for H and Damnation (lets be real, you aren’t getting jack in the store through pure DH hunting even with those numbers so it’s mostly a nice bonus to push you over), and on H or D you get an extra emperor’s gift.

5 Plasteel? What is this, a reward for ants?