Suggestion: Kruber spear skin

Given that Lohner´s Emporium is in the works and the WoM weapons dont have illusions yet, this might be a good time to suggest this.

Basically, a kind of slender glaive/guisarme/fauchard/whatever you want to call it. As seen here in the use of imperial soldiers against trolls.

I think the current spear skin is a great fit for Markus Hunter career, but does not look quite fitting on the more heavily armored frontline Mercenary class. A slender glaive would look more militaristic, still fit the thrust-heavy moveset of the spear but also make the spear´s slashing attacks a bit more believable (as currently, chopping Skaven heads off with as small spearhead feels a bit strange). I´d say it would fit neatly into the mercenary aesthetic.

So, yeah, I think this would be a really cool spear illusions and a great fit for the Mercenary class, and something I would definitely want to use (maybe even pay for).


Exactly. There is a ton of wide sweeps and current spear model doesn’t cut it. I think billhook could use a bit bigger blade too or at least a longer spike to make it look more armor piercing (which it is).

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Strangely billhook is only armor piercing with the thrust attacks. The slashes bounce right off, which is weird given that you´re swinging a big polearm spike-first into an enemy. That would be a lot of force in the tip of the hook/spike, which should actually go through armor more easily than a thrust.


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