Please add more shield skins to Kruber's spearshield


First of all, thank you very much for this weapon addition. It fits Kruber’s arsenal very well and the new blockattack mechanic is neat! (Spartan vibes)

However, with all other shielded weapons you have different shield skins to choose from.
Since the Spearshield uses the same base model (recruits shield) like other shields, It would be amazing we could have more skins with shield skins from the other weapons as well (soldiers, captains).

I don’t know how much work this would cause but it would be a nice little addition to make Kruber (even more) pretty.

Thanks for reading and have a good one!


I agree. I hate the base spear + shield skin, mostly because the glowing spear illusion is absolute trash. Am I at a 1970s disco? I would be much happier having the basic skin for the tuskgor spear.

Don’t know why some two part weapons only have on of them glowing instead of both. Rapier is glowing while pistol is the basic default one, Kerillian Shield is glowing while Spear is basic, Kruber’s spear is glowing while shield is basic… Both of these should be always glowing or atleast have a better skin.


They just should add all the existing shield illusions

Thank you for your replies and support in this matter.
I’m aware of the fact that this kinda stuff is super minor compared to other things.

However, I’m sure it would make Kruber mains instantly a bit more happy about this cool new weapon.

One can dream, right? ; ) If I pray very hard to Sigmar and Taal, who knows?

I’m feeling pretty sad that cosmetics are in their backlog - so many things could be added, changed or improved. A lot of QoL changes could be done to improve them. Inconsistent of cosmetics colors of hats and body cosmetics and two part weapons that only have one glowing would be two mains things I would change and I wish it will be changed soon. Hats should change colors depending of body cosmetics, IB/WS/HM suffers from this the most. All IB hats are in default color while he has black, red, green, blue, silver body cosmetics that doesnt much any hats. Rapier, Kruber SpearnShield, Kerillian SpearnShield only have one part glowing when it should have both - otherwise it looks really bad.

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