Subtitles for special enemies / medicae stations

I am significantly hard of hearing and rely heavily on subtitles in all games. I noticed there are no subtitles for special enemies or medicae stations or things like that, which puts me at a significant disadvantage. Can we get ambient subtitles added to the game?


Medicae stations don’t really move or make noise until you use it.

What subtitles would you even apply to it?

“Medicae: [Exists]”

The Medicae DOES talk in game. Just make it so that you can hear it farther away / subtitles sooner. If it’s not powered maybe [Hum of a Medicae Station]?

For attacks behind you (melee and ranged) there is a sound that alerts you. I wouldn’t mind a quick flash on the edges of the screen (toggled) that would display when you’re about to get hit.

They did subtitles really well for games like L4D, could easily be done for the specials in this game.

It talks in the game when you use it. Not before, not after. You don’t find it by sound.

Again, Medicae doesn’t move, they’re always in the same place.

My friend has said that it beeps to let you know it is around somewhere. Same for scriptures, that they have a whisper to them which is how he knows he is close to one. That’s not an option for me.

Same for hearing the beeping of the bombers or of pox bursters. I often don’t even know they are around.

And yes, I was thinking of the subtitles for L4D or Back 4 Blood. Those were done well and really helped me in game.

Medicae and Scriptures barely register as far as sounds go, but these decisions aren’t up to me and I feel like a negative nancy at this point, so I’ll make my leave.

For the record, I think subtitles for the specials make a lot of sense.