Stuck on an invisible launcher window

Hey so i havent played vermintide in a while and decided to boot it up today. Since then i have switched to a new 4k TV (i saw this was mentioned as a possible issue?). Every time i click play on Steam, it says preparing to launch and then steam says its “running” the game but the launch screen never comes up. However when i look at the task bar, the window for the launch screen is present and if i hover over the tab, a thumbnail of the launch screen can be seen. I have already checked the integrity of the game files and no issues were found. Ive restarted steam and windows etc. Should i uninstall and redownload the game? The idea of losing my saves is a bummer.

I get this problem occasionally if I do other stuff while the launcher window is loading. Were you clicking around? If you kill the process or reboot, it may come up if you try again and just wait.

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