Launcher is not launching the game

hello ive been having this problem and dont know how to fix it. when i press play on steam to open the launcher the launcher comes up like normal. but when i press play from the launcher the short loading bar that comes up finishes loading then nothing happens usually the screen goes black and then the cinematics and stuff starts but so far none of that happens it just does the loading bar then nothing. ive tried some google stuff but nothing. ive tried the normal stuff like restarting the computer, verifying files, uninstalling, exit and signing out of steam and signing out of my account. and up to now at the time of this message ive been waiting to see if the game will pop up but still nothing all i can do is force stop the game through steam and try again.

Could you see if anything in the article linked below helps? The part about ensuring your permissions are consistent is quite important. :slight_smile: