Strange behaviour of item level progression

Hi everyone, I am writing this in this section because I feel that something is not working as expected. I hope I’m not doing it wrong!
Two friends and I started playing VT2 not long ago and we played more or less always together. Problem is one of us (just one) is stuck at item power level 180-190ish while the other two have both quietly reached 300.
Comparable behaviors in crafting and loot chest opening. Only thing that differs is the level reached across the various characters because he can’t stop playing with Sienna and hasn’t fallen in love with any of the others.
For example last night, on different created objects and open crates, we witnessed a disheartening dance of numbers 185 - 190 - 183 - 189 and so on…
We cannot understand what the reason may be, have you ever encountered similar situations?

Usually items go up not only based on that specific character level but the level of items that one character has equiped, tell your friend to just switch to whatever has the bigger number always (just like in any other rpg ever)
the struggle has an end at 300.

Each roll have -5 to +15 of average of highest numbers of power from all your slots

Of course it caps at 300

Thanks for the answers, as I feared it is not a problem that someone has already encountered (and therefore there is no solution already tested)
The oddity is that all three of us have followed the same upgrade path crafting stuff and opening loot chests but it is only his account that is lagging behind by a whopping 110 points.
I guess all that remains is to persevere :frowning:

…Preeeetty sure the above comments have actually explained the issue.

Your friend initially raised his item levels by playing and getting items for Sienna, then he switched to another character where he had no progress, thus he once again kept getting lower level items.

If he just wants to raise the item level to 300 as fast as possible then he´s gotta play Sienna and open items on her until he´s there. Then make sure to get all 3 jewelry slots filled with item level 300 pieces.

Then he can switch to other characters, use said jewelry on them as well and get much higher level items from the chests since the average item level will have taken a wild rise.

Of course he can just get 3 decently leveled jewelry pieces and put those on all his played careers to raise the average item level before opening boxes. Even before 30/300. However, some “waste” is stil likely since those careers will have lower level weapons that drag down the average power level and thus, chest rewards.

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i get the frustration but, the powerlevel really is just a grind, keep playing, get through, and be done with it, and as @Frostysir said that method is the best if you want it to be as fast as possible. it took like a week when the game came out until everyone knew all this so asking vets they will help you with anything.

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