Roll ranges since Bardin's patch

Ever since the release of Bardin’s new career I noticed a drop in the probability of getting a lvl 300 item.

Even when crafting it regularly takes me 6 or 7 tries before I get a lvl 300 item.
In the beginning I thought I was just being unlucky, but now it’s been way too consistent for too long to go unnoticed.

Anyone else experiencing this?

(Yes, I know it’s not a big deal unless you’re leveling up, but it’s still there)

I always thought they should have virtual level go up to 305.
The level of a crafted item is in a range of [The highest level item you have] { -5 ; +10 } - and it is ridiculous that after maxing all careers and having all reds I still manage to get 297 gear.
It’s not a big deal and a minor waste of resources at worst, but still an odd mechanic.

I kind of expect this to be normal variation (a streak of bad luck, basically) instead of an actual change. Haven’t noticed anything myself, to be honest.

But yeah, getting < 300 hero power items is stupid in any case. The whole concept of hero power is stupid to begin with anyways, however…

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