Modifier/Perk Bug for Level 30 Characters

My Level 30 veteran has been max level since day 2, and the highest modifier I’ve seen in 200+ hours of gameplay is 351 on any weapon, and that is after thousands of shop refreshes. It doesn’t seem like this patch has changed that. Even the limited time acquisitions aren’t better though they patch notes suggest it was improved. Will this EVER be fixed? This is happening on 2 of my 4 level 30 characters. The other two can find 370-380 fine. The same for curios as well. The highest percentage toughness charm my Vet has ever found/bought/etc is 15% Toughness. Meanwhile my Ogryn and Zealot have 3x 21% Health charms. Extremely frustrating bug.

I was hoping with crafting I could just buy a 380 grey and upgrade it, but apparently that isn’t the case either. You just get a 310-320 gray. Is there no way to raise modifier total on anything in this game? We just have to wait for an eventual patch, whenever that might be?

At this point I think the only solution is to delete and recreate but all the resources I’ve piled up would be lost forever because for Fatshark made them character bound instead of account bound.

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It’s not confirmed but there’s a persistent theory that the game is taking the averages of the items in your inventory to generate ratings for new items, so it might be worth clearing some low rating items from your inventory?

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Sorry, lad. You have been cursed by Tzeentch. Only the power of Sigmar can cure you now.

Honestly had no idea such a bug existed, but it’d explain a number of things.

That’s the first thing I did when I noticed it was not intended after leveling up 2 more characters. I cleared out all low level items and equipped only my highest tier stuff thinking it was like Vermintide 2 for the first two years it was out. No change. I’ve reported this a few times through other avenues but have yet to hear Fatshark remark on this glaring bug.

Have you tried PM’ing one of the Moderators on this forum? Would be a good idea.

Nope. I’ve reached out on the AMA, twitter, Steam, their live streams, reddit, email, official Discord, etc. Decided to try the official forums. Guess I can try that next.

Hi Bitvarr. This looks like an unusual case, and we’ll have to do some digging to determine it isn’t simply a case of bad luck. Would you please share with me your Steam ID and any additional relevant details for a developer to investigate it further? A private message is fine if you don’t want to share certain details publicly.

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