New thoughness changes broke toughness damage reduction. If you have over 100% toughness you get 100% melee damage. Bugged as hell

I was wondering why I died in 3 hits with 200+ toughness on Vet. Seems there was no proper testing of new toughness changes. If you have If you have over 100% toughness, you will take FULL HP damage from melee attacks. Unequip your +toughness curios


I experienced the same thing ony veteran while curio’d +33% toughness.

Confirmed that it didn’t happen the same way on my psyker with no toughness buffs.


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Happaned to myself as well. Took 70 points of damage in a single hit from a poxwalker. Was wondering how that was possible at 220+ toughness. Well, now I know.

Good job, Fatshark. Could y’all perhaps attempt to make a game, rather than shill to your Tencent overlords? Thank you.