Toughness and melee damage

This isn’t the constant waxing and whining pointlessly about taking health damage through toughness, i got used to it, the relatively minor ammount you took even on heresy was manageable and it still gave reason to try and keep your toughness up in a melee battle.

But uh somethins up now, like you get absolutely shredded by the smallest dreg slapping your butt on the way outta a coridor, like as if you dont even have any? I haven’t been paying too much attention to forums and stuff so i am unsure if this is a recent change or a bug

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Read somewhere that damage application is dynamic, for instance one pox walker will deal a lot more damage by itself rather than if it were surrounded by other enemies.

I believe there’s now bleed through, so when your toughness is 100%, it absorbs all of the hit and the more damaged your toughness is, the more your health drops. In the beta it was a full up shield and in order to take health damage, you needed to lose all of your toughness in order to take health damage. It essentially now performs like regular armour in FPS games where it soaks a percentage of damage but you always get some health damage.

They way it handles now wouldn’t actually be so bad if your health regenerated while out of combat to a certain amount like if you have three wounds and your health drops to the second wound but not the first, it’ll recharge to completely fill the second wound. This could actually make the wound system far better, particularly for the Ogryn as it could add multiple wound gates to his health so he isn’t as gimped in the harder difficulties.

This is incorrect, in the beta there would always be 10% melee damage going to your health no matter what. They changed it so when at full toughness you wont take any damage, and then losing toughness will make it start to bleed through. But right now it is bugged and it’s kinda weird with anyone over 100 toughness ie every veteran.

It’s an acknowledged bug. See the other threads and the patch notes. Dregs in particular are borked.

I honestly can’t recall getting any bleed through on my Ogryn and I never really had any (or if I didn’t, I didn’t particularly notice) toughness increasing relics, I tried stacking health since that would give the best return as crunching mobs with the melee weapon tended to keep my toughness up reasonably well.