Bleeding through toughness change

So how does it exactly work? Do i understand it correctly, that if you miss more than 10% toughness you´ll get more bleeding damage than before?
If the changes really works that way that 10%+ will cause more damage than before, then heresy and damnation difficulty spike increased hard, because everything will rob you a big amount of it.

Just dropped with my level 24 char into some heresy missions and the game feels definately harder. Especially range enemies seem to soak more toughness on just 1 hit now.

Also i just got overran by enemies last game. A hound jumped on me, my mates killed it and while i was in the animation to stand up, i got pretty much deleted. Then i started to block and push, but nothing happened. The enemies just stucked into my character, i couldn´t even use dodge.
Had never issues like that before tbh.

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I dont think its working. I still got damage bleedthrough at 100 percent toughness


Feels much worse.

I don’t want to play my Ogryn currently, went from feeling big, bad, and in control to hiding around corners with the ripper gun after my health got chunked in melee.

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Feels actually like there is something completely wrong in damage calculation.

Range definately hurts harder…or atleast it seems like they´ve become like 100% more accuracy. You just need to peak and get hit, losing about 30 points toughness. One salve from a normal enemy will delete the bar in a second, even if you use dodge.
Dunno how buggy the new system is, but melee seems to have the old Vermintide issue of hyperstacking enemies, which makes things already harder.

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