Is it me or has the average item score in the shop gone down significantly?

So during the pre-order beta and pretty shortly after release I would frequently be able to buy items with base stat level of 360+ - usually at the shop visit there would be a few every rollover. Usually around once a day there’d be some 370+

Now for the last couple weeks it feels like the average for me is around the 320-330 range, and I very, very rarely see anything above 350 on any of my level 30 characters. I think it must have legit been at least 2 weeks since I saw even a 370+

Was I just super lucky? Or have others noticed that it seems for the last while the average weapon just got worse? I’ve been trying to get an eviscerator that’s not absolute dogsh-t for the last while and I just haven’t seen one at all.

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its just horrible RNG. I still see high end stuff rarely, it doesnt feel like its less likely than before

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I feel the same and think they nerfed the weapons. My best weapon found was a 377 base rating on my 1st operative in early december. When i reached 30 for my operatives weeks later, the best that I found and still finding is around 350 to 360. And for the blessings, I rarely see a 4th level blessing. 99% of the weapons are between level 1 and 3 blessings.

I’m pretty sure they want to implement a way to upgrade the base rating of weapons and blessings in the weeks or months to come and want to emphasize on upgrading your weapon, but that’s pure speculation. They are probably still working on that and gave us a RNG shop because crafting section is not done on launch even with all those delays. :disappointed_relieved:

Its just rng. I literally have not seen a +365 item on psyker while i already have couple 380s on ogryn and psyker was the first class i leveld up to 30.

The watermark system that just keeps screwing you over with massive ranges and huge RNG, you can’t even get crafting bases to make the crafting system usable… I don’t mind some RNG and even the watermark system in this game to a point but this is just turned into the worst no fun crap ever… getting sub 300 stat items when you have a 380 already is a joke why not just fill the shop with poo emoji signs.

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I can’t tell about the scores/rating but the items I keep finding in the armory lead me to think the blessings tiers have been tweaked down and now very rarely reach tier 3 (compared to what I found during the pre-order beta).

That would fit with what we can currently find with Melk as the blessings are more commonly tier 3, hence encouraging to complete the (very boring and grindy) contracts.

I’m guessing the content is (still) being adjusted to highlight the different itemisation options:

  • low tier blessings (and gear rating?) in the armory
  • higher tier blessings for the Transcendant items with Melk (via contracts currency)
  • probably additional way to increase blessings tiers (and rating?) through crafting in the future

The Emperor’s gifts have also been significantly improved (since the pre-order beta) and we can get occasional Transcendant gear now.

It’s certainly been underwhelming (and painfully random) trying to get better gear even if we still don’t have the complete content yet (crafting, …).