About weapons with a 380 base rating

Have you noticed that you can’t get any weapons with a 380 rating after the last store system patch?

I found that the best weapon I could find seemed to stay at 379, did someone mistakenly write the store’s upper limit wrong?

Or is it just my bad luck? Need some feedback, and if no one really gets a 380 rating now, maybe a bug report is needed.


Before the Trader patch you could at least get 1 or even 3 380 Weapons a week.
You had weapons with t3 blessings too. Even the Emperors gifts where mostly improvements.

They then changed the systems because of the community’s pressure. BUT! They tricked us all.
YES they changed the Shop, so that we could buy every weapon mark on grey at every given time.
BUT they changed the RNG shop to have mostly t2 blessings, because of the new rebless mechanic. And lowered the chance for a 380 weapon so much, that one could think they messed up and made that % chance to be negative %.

They boosted the Milk Men shop to be less grindy. BUT they lowered the Item quality that was already some kind of low before. Now you buy those weapons only if you need the blessing of it on another weapon.

For every improvement they made to the Shop and Crafting, they lowkey lowered the effectiveness of those things they ‘‘improved’’.


Yeah I wouldn’t even say there’s much of a buff to the actual shop, the 370+ ratings are the same rarity and like you said the 380s appear gone. Haven’t seen one in almost a month, which is not for lack of shop hawking I can usually catch 10+ refreshes a day and more when I’m not working. They’re gone.

It’s way too hard to get gear with a decent base rating now. Trying to force shop RNG is pointless, even if you COULD get 380s, they would have to be guaranteed to respect the player’s time at all - currently the rotating shop is basically useless to anyone trying to craft high end gear. The chance you get a weapon you want with a decent base gear score (360-380) and stat distribution you like is very low. So unless you’re insanely lucky, your best shot is just buying greys over and over from the requisition. I would ask “why at level 30 can this even give weapons with a gear score significantly lower than 380” but the answer seems obvious; it wastes resources, it wastes time, it increases the grind.

Lion-EL-Gubson’s point compounds this - now it’s harder to get blessings too. The endgame gear grind is truly awful, because most of the resources you spend will just go to waste. Out of 10 greys, one or two might be close enough to 380 to keep, and from there both have a high chance of being thrown away when upgraded - if they roll two bad blessings or bad traits you are stuck with a suboptimal roll, AKA the weapon you just spent multiple missions worth of resources to build is bricked.

Darktide should give you so many tools and systems to play with that you spend hours buildcrafting and trying new things. Instead, it gives you nothing, expecting players to spend hours just getting there.

Finally and emphatically, I want to assert that there is no reason a level 30 player should ever get a 350 or lower weapon from the requisition. If FS doesn’t want to make the system usable then they should at least add a toggle to autosell any garbage rolls. Wait… nevermind. That would respsect player time…


As far as I can tell, 380 weapons are no longer available at the shop. The new max seems to be 379.

Not that I really care if I’m using a 379 or a 380, so meh. There just doesn’t seem to be any good reason for it.

They changed a lot with the loot when they introduced Brunt. A lot of it is a slight of hands move on FS’s part.

Acquiring blessings moved from the shop to the Emperor’s gift/Melk and crafting.

Shop items are now potential items instead of “ready” items. This is the most visible change in how the system works. “Ready” items come from Emperor and Melk now. It is harder to just pick something up from the shop and use it. You have to craft. I’d argue shop is now better, for crafting high-end gear from the blues/greens/grays, but if it’s better, in general, is based on personal preference.

High-rated gear (360+) is super common now, but 380 gear is vanishingly rare. 1-5 point of attribute doesn’t really matter unless you are hunting for “the perfect one”, but the potential is lower than before.

Items before the change had “maxed” attributes much more frequently. K12 with max damage/stopping power and good stability was common enough even in the sub-340 category. Now it’s rarer. Currently, stats are usually in an “average” range of 70-79 even on 370+ items.

Melk’s selection of blessings and even base items became overall better, but 380 items that appeared from time to time vanished (I’ve seen 1 since the change on 3 characters).

Emperor’s gift is extremely nice running HiD, and superb on HiD+2Grim after the changes. It’s pretty RNG, but at least it’s good at getting random t4 blessings with a probable chance to get something wildly good “pre-crafted”. Even LiD is good for getting t3s and sometimes items that are pretty good. Worst case scenario it’s a lot of extra currency each run.

My conclusions: Brunt helps with target farming items now that was clearly missing from the game. Crafting became a must. Loot changes made good attribute-heavy items (TH, Plasma…) easier to acquire, but made “damage optimized” (auto guns, las guns…) 3 attribute weapon acquisition harder. Maxed items are rare, 380 weapons, and max health/toughness curios too.

Perfect curios are a nightmare to get now. Guess they wanted to make that “+ curio chance” perk playable :rofl:

Maybe I’m just bitter, but I think you might be a little overenthusiastic. I know RNG is a b*tch but I have been farming 5+ for weeks now and I haven’t been rewarded with anything I would even consider using. Unless random T4 blessings fit your ‘superb’ definition?

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I’d even say it’s optimal lmao. At least the perk difference on t3-t4 doesn’t make a big difference. They need to add something to target farm curios without that perk seriously.

No, no you got a point. I’m pretty satisfied with getting random t4 from time to time, and pretty content with getting something crap I can sell for another 10k credits (or a bit above or below). I’m also fine with running weapons with a useful, but non-optimal perk/blessing.

I guess I overexaggerated with “extremely nice”, mainly because I was comparing it to the previous system of capped gifts.

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I’m fine with ‘good enough’ gear as long as Fatshark doesn’t force us to use perfect stuff. For example shredder autopistol without the right blessings is just garbage. After all player skill is most important in this game, right? :face_in_clouds:

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IDK… On one hand, I like how brutally impactful blessings are, but the balance is all over the place. You shouldn’t need 2 specific blessings to make the weapon useable, that’s just dumb.

Shredder I would consider a top weapon (maybe even “the top weapon”) with the combo but without its way below everything else. At least they started buffing useless stuff now, I found DS blessing changes very impactful (crit on dodge for example).

I would be less bothered by things like this if the other blessing would be just as impactful, even if it isn’t about damage. Running Caxe with Zealot decimator/head taker/shred are all viable (even tho BM is more or less a must), Evicerator can also be run with plenty of good options/combos. I think weapons need to move in that direction balance-wise.

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I’ve filed this issue as a bug report, and Fat Shark has acknowledged it.
I hope this issue will be fixed in a recent update.
After all, this may just be a small numerical error.

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yeah I spent almost 400K credits and did not get a weapon over 356 on the grey item purchase and I rarely see anything at all over 360 in the normal shop.