T4-T5 Weapon Drop Is always weak

No matter the difficulty, modifiers and also side missions , always get a weak drop , either a purple drop, or a golden with low modifier score drop. older drop or “Pre-Patches Drops” was much random, but did give better loot.


Not true. Good drops are rare but it’s should be like that. All other purple and orange are just a fodder for occasional high tied blessings.

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i already completed this week 8 missions weekly, and done it all on damnation, some with high intensity modifier, and nearly all with scriptures ,due to weekly missions.

the best thing i got is Agripinaa headhunter, with a modifier score 345, on the other hand, the bolter i do use is at 370, that i got back when i was doing Diff 3, with a friend.

Welcome to the beautiful world of chaos. The RNG in this game is part of the ineffable design, teaching us how illusionary the order that the existence of which we humans believe in trully is.

What did u expect? To get a weapon 375+? Within an 8 missions? Your 370 bolter is almost at max already, what u are grinding for is 3-5% overall dmg increase. In my opinion for the sake of game longevity such improvements should stay NEARLY unreachable. So players has something to grind all the time, while being basically at their peak performance already.


I think I got few (one?) items I actually use, but as such I treat imp gifts as a source of rank 3 and 4 blessings.

Game Longevity ≠ Grinding

Thats F2P games.

Thats what make people burned out of your game and drops it, just like 80% of the playerbase we had in DT.


I’ve had one ok emp gift. One. They’re worthless. I’ve vendored every single one except for an autopistol I won’t use unless they get rid of crafting locks, because it’s only ok in stats and not anything else. It’s about as worthless as melk’s shop, considering I’ve only ever gotten one decent thing out of there in the last two weeks.

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I had a post about the loot changes including the emperor’s gift with some further discussion about the topic (Emperor’s gift).

Emperor’s gift on 5+ is mainly for collecting blessings (t3, t4) with a good “pre-crafted” weapon as chance. Worst case scenario you get around 1/3 map worth of credits if you sell the item in question.

Based on my experience tomes have far less of an impact on Gift than grims (even a single grim have a noticeable impact, while tomes don’t really). I also found that modifiers have minimal or no impact on item base rating (instead they impact perk/blessing level).

If you get a very good weapon out of it (t3 perk + blessing with around 360+ rating with good distribution) you get around 10-30 games worth of resources (that would be required to get it from the crafting system).

If you are at the point where you are running a 370 bolter with a t3+t4 perk and t3+t4 blessing you are basically at “endgame gear” and getting an upgrade will be rarer, and only a marginal improvement on performance (outside some very few edge cases that I would put in the balance mistake category).

my Bolter is at T2,T4 Blessing, both Perks at T3.

i have been running it from way too before, maybe all the way back in January, even before i did care about penances.

Same goes for Power Sword, got it in same time frame, and yet cant find a better one, with a score of 368.

2 months of playing, store checking, and cant find a better loot.

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That was one of my points. The loot system now changed and the things you got before the change could influence your perspective (you might have gotten lucky in the lottery system).

Class-based weapons are another topic, they are rarer in general both in shops and from gifts. This might be because base weapons have more variations, but I feel like they have a lower drop rate.

Both your bolter and your power sword probably have very good distribution (weighted distribution and maxed stats were more common in the previous system) if you can’t find a better one, or you might have a warped view of what a good weapon is, disregarding better weapons because they have a bit fewer points in damage. (Based on your other thread)


The issue is that “High Tiered Loot” are now more scarce, yet their is no reduction in terms of RNG.

we got a Blessing farming which is good method, but yet we are able to change a single blessing only, and need to fight RNG again, by farming the blessing.

Can you give me the definition of “high-tiered loot”?

loot that do perform well, and do achieve satisfactory, while stop the boring grind in the vast ocean of DT RNG.

“Perform well” isn’t hard to get if you do damnation and if the weapon in question isn’t underperforming (in which case it goes into the balance issue category). Level of satisfaction is kind of a personal thing, but when you reach “Perform well” level of gear you only get marginal upgrades to performance, so if you aren’t obsessed with getting the perfect gear you will be all right.

I wanted you to write something more concrete btw. Based on what you wrote I heavily disagree with “High Tiered Loot” being more scarce now than before.