Armory Gear Rating

Good day kin,

I was just wondering … wth is going on with the “RNG-mory” . In the last couple of days i’ve been getting only weapons under 400 rating. My highest melee weapon is 493 and ranged is 486. Curios 125. My level and equipped gear doesn’t affect the armory whatsoever ? (clearly not)

The highest i’ve seen was a 407 blue eviscerator. Even the grey items from Emperors Gift never surpass the 400 mark.

I’d recommend focusing on the “base” rating - the rating for just the stats - when judging items.

It’s often more worth checking the store for white/green items than it is only checking blues.

This is the highest base secondary I’ve found, and I don’t really like the gun and just grabbed it as a reference point for how high the shop will roll, and I’ve probably only seen it go over 360 twice.

Then add on two perks that can go to +25 rating each (I only know of +stamina that’s actually 25, the rest are 10-20 that I own)
Add two blessings that can go to +45 each

You can certainly get a Transcendant (orange) item that goes over 500 rating

Typically blues, even with good bases and good blessings aren’t going to go over 420-430.

We just need better crafting, and the systems we’ve been promised to be actually functional. How did this all launch in a significantly worse state than current V2?

Edit: I noticed I have this for a primary, so the store can go over 370 base.


Armory was nerfed in [almost]full release.
Not only you cant see any gear that exceeds blue rarity = lower power ratio = lower stats[as the power determines how many stats will be distributed to it’s statistics bars].

  • The increase in drops from emperor gifts + overly better rarity on it[it means you will be “rewarded” with better stat gear by playing more the game].

  • The upgrade gear & resources like plasteal & diamentium… the ratio that you get is low & upgrading cost a lot & you will get random perks & blessings that may or not be the things you want = for now it’s wasting your time as the re-rol system is not active now[why? because you nead to play or they nead you to play because playerbase & marketing thing…]

= Everything as planned… or kinda like it.
You know they were really pushed a lot to not delay the game launch[tencent & other things…probably mostly Tencent as they’re not bad at giving “helpful hand” they also want results & those results are “described” in any currency that is in use in our world.]

= They want the game to have players playing even as it is as now a bit lacking in some aspects & lot of things that we wanted is still not in game or will be added maybe later if they finish those :stuck_out_tongue: probably it will be described not as patch notes but as DLC or alike… you know tencent loves money. You know simple psychology catch you play you get purple & orange stuff… you dont play you can see only blue… you dont play you dont have plasteel to upgrade & if you play you have it… a little of it… we nead you to play to not lower playerbase even more :stuck_out_tongue: you know marketing stuff & all alike.

That’s your answer to the stats & rarity of items & why it is like that.
Uhhh ohh… I played now probably like ~150+ hours… with 3 chars to lev 30 I probably got “catched on it to” xD

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