Stormfiend headshot (?) doesn't refund CD on Locked and Loaded

Saltzpyre’s career skill doesn’t refund CD on hitting the Stormfiend in the controlling packmaster. It still marks the crosshair as headshot. Is it intended, or a visual bug on the headshot marker on hitting the packmaster?

Edit: I tried in modded. 3 different damage to the Stormfiend.

1st pic, normal headshot, CD refunded

2nd pic, shot in the controller, CD refunded

3rd pic, shot in the controller, NO refund for CD and dealt more damage then on the 2nd pic

There is the false headshot on Fiend. I have the video if you want.

The Packmaster is a weak spot, causing bonus damage similar to a headshot (and unarmored afaik, unlike the 'Fiend’s actual head), but not a head. Thus, no abilities that require a headshot trigger from hitting it. This was (somewhat as an aside) confirmed to be on purpose by Hedge a long time ago.

I edited the post, the last picture is the actual spot where you can trigger a CD reduction on “headshot”. It’s like just above the Fiend’s belt. you can see the 80% cd refund (both bullets hit head)

Something is wrong still if it was stated by a FS manager that it is not an actual “head”, rather then just a weak spot. Still gives CD reduction. If you shoot the controller in the head it gives none, i tried it. If you shoot the cage’s bottom of the controller it gives. And to add more, this headshot deals less damage then the actual controller shot what can be seen as headshot on the crosshair.

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