Huntsman Stormfiend rear headshots

Various talents and traits do not proc off the stormfiend packmaster/rear headshot.

Waste Not, Want Not, Makin’ it look easy and Thrill of the Hunt do not proc
Burst of Enthusiasm does proc
Ranger Veteran:
Exuberance does not proc
Drakira’s Alacrity and Piercing Shot do not proc
Bounty Hunter:
Double Shotted does not proc

Inspirational Shot and Conservative Shooter do not proc
Universal talents:
Headshot/Crit melee THP does proc

However, some of these can proc on the back/around the belt of the stormfiend.
-Exuberance, Drakira’s Alacrity, Piercing Shot and Double Shotted.


I’m surprised this even got acknowledged and not tagged not-a-bug.
As far as I know, the little rat in the back of a stormfiend is a weak point as are the heads of all enemies, and does get the weakpoint strike orange crosshair indicator, but never counted as an actual head for headshots.

This is the odd-one out in my opinion.

Right? Its been a thing for so long you´d think it was a feature at this point…but that can be said for a lot of bugs when you start looking around :disappointed_relieved:

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