Stormfiend Baby

During a match today I somehow disconnected from the host but was still able to walk around the map. All the monsters were still animated but completely frozen in place. I don’t know if I’m not observant or what but has this baby rat thing always been on the Stormfiend?

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lol yes… that’s the pack master that controls it, at least in lore. It’s a weak spot btw, it’s treated the same as head shots.


Well, mostly same. It’s considered an unarmored location, and hitting it gains the headshot damage bonuses, but no additional abilities that trigger on headshots trigger. So to keep up HS’s ammo, you still need to hit the actual (armored) head of the Stormfiend.

As an aside, hitting the Packmaster is pretty effective at controlling the Stormfiend’s aggro. With a few hits there you’re very likely to draw its attention on you, unless you’re sniping from very far away.

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It has indeed, and you can even hear it laughing maniacally at times.

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When I saw the name of this thread, I thought it was going to be a parody version of the Christmas song “Santa Baby”, tbh.

“Stormfiend baby . . . slip a little ratling under the tree . . . for me . . .”

That said, it feels a little like an oversight that you can’t proc headshot-based things by hitting the Pack Master. It is, after all, mostly head.

In lore, the reason that the weird little monster is there is that a regular Rat Ogre is too stupid to know how to use its built-in weaponry. The pack master is supposed to control it - but sometimes when it gets furious enough the bestial mind of the Rat Ogre takes over, and makes it do stuff like charge at enemies straight into walls. Smart, Roger is not.

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