Packmaster dragged me up into space

Issue Summary:
While attempting to attack a packmaster that is towards the lower end of the stairs in the barn that is immediately after the mandatory boss battle from the upper end of the stairs with Kerillian’s glaive.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Packmaster has to be moving up the stairs towards you.
  2. You have to be moving down the stairs.
  3. You have to attack (most likely was a normal melee attack) but the packmaster has to succeed in strangling you and cancel your attack.

Reproduction Rate:
Currently have not attempted to replicate yet.

Additional Information:
The normal packmaster routine plays out but he starts to hang you pretty quickly and the whole thing plays out while you and the packmaster continue to move upwards.

[Attach Your Session Console Log]
console-2018-10-14-03.17.11-C3583F9B-EF74-449A-8C23-F7D0.log (2.0 MB)

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year waiting for something, year “Acknowledged”, you’re not alone!

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