Packmaster kidnapped me out of map

Issue Summary:
On hunger in the dark, when we ring the bell, a packmaster appear from the doors at the right (the opposite to bridge). He take me and put me in the stick right behind that door, where no bot can reach.
I didn’t repeat the experience for being at the end of the level, but the next times I killed him after his spawn, but I guess the effect should be similar.
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Climb up the mountain with the trolley
  2. Ring the bell to call the troll
  3. Be caught by the packmaster between the bell and the door.
  4. Suffer a slow and painful death

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Once (with no further tests)

Additional Information: I’m writing on the cell phone so I haven’t any dxdiag or screenshot. But I’m sure the description is pretty clear to understand. My pc is a low level old machine

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not on Hunger, is everywhere, walls, stairs, rocks
Im with you, but FS …

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I had this happen to me once. They pull you into the green doors where the trolls come out as you’re leaving. The boss smacked me through the door though and broke me free. But then I was stuck there… lucky for me, the same packmaster pulled me back through the door to the main area. lol

Could be even better. I had a packmaster drop me (still hooked) down the cliff after first grim on halescourge. I called out to my teammates not to kill it, but it was already dead, and I was left stuck halfways down the cliff. The packmaster did not drop down himself, just dragged me over the cliff edge and let physics do the rest :stuck_out_tongue:

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Actually, the only place that has been a problem to me was there, talking after the new patch. At other occasions there were rat groups coming/climbing through the wall (example on the first tome in empire at flames) but I have to reproduce it I’m case that is an usual fail. I’ll keep in touch

Don’t recall which levels it’s happened on, but I’ve witnessed this happen to team mates in my party numerous times now as well.

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