Hunger in the dark - packmaster at the end

The same mistake as the first time when I played this map: At the end of the quest (Hunger in the Dark), when the bell was activated, a packmaster caught me and dragged me through the doors that lock the trolls at the end. This time the ulti of Kerillian killed the packmaster just as he was behind the doors, leaving me (alive) inside of them without being able to leave.

As always, after killing the final troll, all players must cross the bridge for the path to the portal to open, but I am trapped with 1 tome and 1 grimoire. Luckily for the team I was Siena, so I was able to commit suicide with the warm-up.

I know it is a problem already reported but after 2 years it remains the same.

Me asking for help due to my claustrophobia:


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