Hunger in the Dark - Bot pathing/stuck

Played on champ. a couple of missions with only bots to test out some builds.

Kruberbot got stuck next to a ladder (first grim) after attempt to climb back down.
Sooner or later when a bot gets stuck, he teleports to the party if it has further advanced. I noticed a Leech spawning near Kruber, but ignored it due to the distance. Then it seemed he got teleported with (!) the Leech to the rest of us, as both suddenly appered behind the party. Not 100% sure abput this though because it happend very fast. Could also be that when he teleported back to us, the Leech moved to us and instantly grabbed him. I have my doubts about this.

Bot’s stuck after attempt to climb down. He only pounced up and down and was vulnerable to enemies. (first grim location)

Kruberbot (in fact all assigned bots ) also failed to attempt to get last tome in the cave shortly before the end passage. This is something that last worked for me early this year. Normally they’ve tried to get it, but as soon as the party advanced, the kept up and ignored the order.
This time he stayed behind and teleported to me, when the distance was great enough.

He only wiggled left and right. Later on he teleported to the party. (third tome location)

  • Ladderthing happend before 1-2 times/failed pathing for tome is constantly present --> but it’s new that the bot stays with the order and later ports to the party

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