Store pages and translation(s)

Well, this is a minor one and more feedback directly towards developers as there isn’t much to discuss for.

As pretext, please note that my feedback comes from reading the german store page and merely assuming that the english store page is equal. I think you should adjust the store pages in Steam as there are some slight errors, wrong information due to (recent) changes in the game or formulations which could cause misunderstandings:

  • Collector’s Edition Upgrade: There is a note saying “The DLCs Shadows Over Bögenhafen and Back to Ubersreik are not included in the Collector’s Edition Upgrade”. This could make people believe that WoM might be part of it as it was not excluded specifically. Just to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Shadows over Bögenhafen: The store page speaks of the Bögenhafen cosmetics which can be earned throughchests by completing challenges and weekly quests. Haven’t checked if the challenge Bögenhafen chests are still there. But due to the recent addition of Lohner’s Emporium the description is at least partly wrong. This should be adjusted and describe correctly how to obtain the cosmetics now. Also on sidenote, as Okri’s challenges in Bögenhafen originally awarded chests with skins it would be fair to either keep the chests for the challenges only (if it has changed, have to check) or replace the reward with Shillings.

  • Winds of Magic: This one is minor but there is the mentioning of the feature for the increased level cap and new talents. While this is not wrong per se as we got the new (quite pointless) level cap and (the more important) stagger talents, it does confuse anyway since These have not been WoM exclusive. I doubt anyone would be idiotic/depraved enough to scream for false advertisement (at least not without embarrassing oneself) but the point just doesn’t belong there as it has been part of the overall game update.

Could we get a spreadsheet or a forum post where we can see the english original and the different translations side by side, so that the community can directly compare them and then suggest corrections (all the while being cross-verified by the rest of the community). While I understand that the community is not the most trustworthy entity the translations have some bothering errors and this would be the fastest way. And in comparison to translators, we actually play the game so we can see where errors have been made.

The first focus should obviously be on everything which influences gameplay directly, speak talents, traits, properties. For several talents the time and the percentage are mixed. The german version of Barskin for instance says that you get a 2% damage reduction for 40 s. The english says something different.

The second focus but less important and also faaar more text is the banter and everything else. I think this is a minor issues but just recently I started Skittergate and heard Kerillian complaing about Lohner’s “stupid plan”. And EDIT (word planet is identical in german and english):

Kerillian is complaining about the planet. Either I am missing some Lore about Space Elves or this is a translation error. Of course it is kind of amusing but those are errors which are obvious for native speakers.


They are not, they changed the chests to commendation ones.

I wanted to do the same post as you did too, a friend of mine is constantly complaining at some of the direct translations, and i cringe a bit at them too. Those switched around numbers confuse him everytime too when i mention talents (or when he mentions them and i have to correct him).
I have the game set in english, so my experience is just fine, but translating stuff like ‘grudge-raker’ with ‘Grollernter’ is just wrong in the WHF context, it should be more akin to smth like ‘Grollrächer’, ‘Grolllöscher’ or ‘Grollbeseitiger’.
Also, having Waystalker translated to ‘Wegelagerer’… Urgh. Just make it ‘Pfadschleicher’.


I’m sorry if this might upset the person who translated all that, he may even be a FS dev who learned german, but out of my experience if you want something translated into a language, you should hire a native speaker who learned your language, not the other way around. Had bad experiences when Black Library stoped the distribution of their books through the german publisher Heine and started doing it themselves, with an english translator instead of a german one. The quality of the translation was rather poor in comparison (also the quality of the paper as well as the ink was a lot worse, but that’s another issue).

I think the original is world, but am not 100% sure about it.

I wholeheartedly support this, i would love to contribute to make the experience for german players a bit better that way.

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