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In the last article of PcGamer (I put the link at the end) they talk about a cosmetics store.

This is an idea that I have always had in mind. Imagine:

  • Add a surviving gunsmith / tanner on a map.
  • Add this NPC to the castle.
  • Explore the maps and find hidden caches of fabrics, leather, dyes …
  • Once you had the necessary elements exchange this for cosmetics in the castle.

What do you think about this idea?

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So if I understood you correctly, basically just more Keep customization beyond the art we currently have?

I mean, I’m all for more content, even if just cosmetics, but I’m kind of against having to look for more “hidden stuff” in the maps beyond already having to look for Tomes and Grimoires (though this might be my Sloth speaking).

If more Keep customization was implemented, just keep them purchaseable with the in-game currency that we know is coming, not through having to gather certain materials.

That, or make them rewards for increasing in level, as we know the level cap is going to be increased as well.


Personally I would not be happy having more collectibles throughout the maps. Wasn’t very happy about the art pieces, because this game for me is about fighting against odds/the inevitable…if you know what I mean. It would destroy the atmo of the game for me, when you let the Übersreik 5 run errands on leather, fabrics, etc…

Let Lohner and his “connections” do this stuff.

Actually I don’t need character or keep customization. It’s end times in a grimdark fantasy game.
So they should work with what they have, instead of thinking about where to hang new curtains ;)!

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I understand what you say. Maybe it’s adding too many collectibles to the maps.

Maybe it could be added as a reward for weekly events. So you could go accumulating materials and then spend them on your favorite pj.

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If the “cosmetic store” doesn’t offer red weapon illusions (I don’t care about the red weapons themselves, just the red illusions) then I couldn’t care less about it or anything connected to it.

Most likely not going to happen… If you just want glowing skins, get the bög DLC.

I think more keep customization could be fun. I hope there’s going to be a lot more cosmetics added though as I already have nearly all the hats.


Yeah, I absolutely hate the purple glow. Not going to be caught dead using any of those…

And the thing about the hats is that unlike the red illusions (and red weapons in general) they are guaranteed to never drop a duplicate so even if they have a ridiculous droprate you are practically guaranteed to get the one you want per hero, with each one that isn’t the one you want increasing the chance that the next one will be.

With the red illusions it’s total RNG. So much fun. I have 8-9 repeater handguns, 3-4 handguns, 3 blunderbusses, numerous sword/mace + shield, 2 2h hammers, etc., etc. yet never got a single red executioner sword. Because RNG is fun. I might never get one either. Which is even more fun.

So if that shop doesn’t rectify this then it might as well not be there as far as I’m concerned. I have the hats I cared about, somehow that wasn’t a problem, red illusions on the other hand…

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I don’t understand why people put so much emphasis on those red items. They don’t really make a lot of impact statwise, and absolutley none visualwise. So it’s just to show off.
For me the glowing effect could be distracting sometimes.
And of course, if you want a specific item, you’re not going to get it and this frustrates.

Simple solution: don’t want them ;)! And when you get the desired item, you’ll be happy about it.

Or: you could salvage your unwanted weapons, trinkets, etc… (it seems you have quite a few) and craft what’s left to add to your collection.

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I think he just wants the glowing blue skin, he doesn’t care about the red weapon.

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