More and clearer information regarding DLC-Content

Hey there,

theres a lot of feedback going around wit the dlc and its positive and negative aspects.
While most of them are understandable, some are just made up mindless rumors or naysaying.
Thats why I wondered:
Why dont you, Fatshark, communicate more clearly whats actually in the DLC. Yes, there are two maps, and “cosmetics”. How many, what kind of ? Cosmetics can mean anything, from 2 portrait frames to 100 hats.
Why doenst your steam product page state (numbers made up because I dont KNOW them)

  • DLC contains 5 brand new unique hats per character class
  • … 4 new armors per charakter class, one attainable thorugh leveling
  • … 4 new portrait frames
  • …100 new veteran weapon illusions

I know youre often shy with numbers, but I dont feel like your product page is a great place for that.
I feel like if you stated numbers, ppl could actually measure - at least somewhat - what theyre paying for, and what you worked on. Without any tangible information, people just make up stuff out of their arse.

I think I would help you and your good products to come to shine, at least a little more.


agreed, the main reason why i bought the DLC was because of the phrase “new illusions” now i thought that meant the different weapon skins , like soldiers sergeants etc was more than a little disapointed to find out there all just purple glows (re colours of reds?)
not a huge thing and i prob would of bought it anyway , but why do we have to find out the exact details after the event?

Re-skins should never be aluded to as content. Not because they aren’t but because of how misleading the consumer feels when you suddenly realise its just food dye in your corn flakes and they still taste like cornflakes but saltier because they cost more.

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