My short opinion about 1.2 patch + dlc

today we got 10$ dlc and it is advertised with new cosmetic like cloth, hat and new weapon skin + patch

and i am very disappointed with it and i want to say why i feel disappointment

  1. new red designs for halberd and volley xbow are miserable
    their small glowing is silly i expected them like 2 hand sword or exc sword

  2. even if you have multiple red halberd and volley xbow, only 1 illusion is given
    got 2 volley xbow and 1 illusion XD and seems no fix for this even now

  3. no dupe patch
    Dev on reddit said hat and new chest has no dupe
    but why don’t put it to mission clear chest? it is easy if you already did it, dupe is worst problem vt2 has
    and it is considered almost daily in reddit or here before ppl leaving this game becuz of grinding

  4. new cloths are recolors
    pay 10$ for another recolored cloth is mental shock
    i expect new fully designed cloth but meh

    • hat’s color is not match with existed cloth and new cloth which makes hero silly
  5. new purple red is just color change
    i can understand their is no new design but why don’t use existing design in game like saltz’s xbow marksman?
    half of red design is just normal or low quality with blue glowing effect and new red is same low quality with PURPLE glowing whoa!

  6. just 1 box for 1 week and it gives you 1 reward
    pay 10$ and have to grind is not what i expected
    bogenhafen chest must be rewarded as extra chest when you clear mission and weekely is another extra reward
    there is more than 60 purple when dataminers check code and 60 week is fully painful

edit. hats are not looks great even compared to existed hats… i can’t see any Craftsmanship on any of hat and i now know why dev didn’t advertise with showing design of new cosmestic

conclusion most of new things are just recolor and low effort work


I hate to make the comparison, but just taking a brief look at any game with even a semi bustling community on the steam market (with the similar paywall + rngwall to get your cosmetics), and there is already much higher quality content worth anywhere from 5-20 cents than what we’re seeing in Vermintide.


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