What is this cabaret show again?

Guys! What is this circus again. I dont know are you still a studio or just some people are modding, and trying fix minor bugs for the game from home separately? Last week you shared a post what will come with the patch. And what we get a muck. Sorry but this is the truth. Promised us new cosmetics, what we get 5 hats for 15 careers and ridiculous prices for them. Who’s idea was to overprice them to 3000 shillings. It seems like you dont know your own game. Ok some of them good especially pyromancer’s but nevermind. Have you even seen what you add to the game handmaidens ,new" helmet was not just a reskin from bögenhafen it was the same without symbols like an early stage work… Who is the cosmetic designer, you should speak with him or her seriously
Today you remove all of them and tell us ,yeah sorry you will get weapon skins" What weapon skins which are already in the game just not in the Emporium? Meh!!! What is this chaos?? Throwing promises and announcments without any real stuffs.
Yeah super we get a map which is promised since september.( ok there is no problem with the map I like it) But please if that Burbelspueueueue reskin will be the end boss in the third map thats another lazyness
Sorry guys for rude complain but after 2300 hours I think me and other fans deserve something. Not much just something what has any sense. Please


That’s one way to view it.

I, for one, was pleasantly surprised by the quick processing and response in regard to overpriced hats.


Well, the hats should’ve been reduced down to the same price tag as the medium-priced hats the way I see it, not just outright removed.

They got removed so that it’d make the shilling refund process easier while they work out the prices.


Love this game. Just wish Fatshark would out as much effort on the Xbox version as they do the PC. Hopefully they will give us something soon as this game is completely amazing and different from any other game. True co-op in the sense of word. Thank you Fatshark for making a great game but please don’t give up on us Xbox players anything new would be awesome!