[XB1] - ‘Shadows Over Bögenhafen’ - Delayed until September

Xbox One Heroes,

Due to issues found during the PC beta we’ve decided to delay the Xbox One release of Shadows Over Bögenhafen to September. We humbly apologise for the late notice on this - it wasn’t a decision taken lightly.

We will communicate a new date as soon as possible so stay tuned.


Cheers for the heads up, even though its pretty short notice, I would much rather have a better quality product released and wait a while. Is it just the dlc content (maps cosmetics etc) or does this include the patch too?

Do you guys have a price for it for the Xbox yet too?


Youre going to lose a bunch of players over this… i lnow when word broke about this many diehard players that i play with were pretty much fed up.
While i understand that there can be issues with a release or patch, shouldnt they be resolved before anjouncing a release date?

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Also, when will the duplicate red items be addressed? I have 6 or 7 of the same reds for multiple items and too many charms, necklaces, and teinkets to count…

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We’ve been asking about this since April on PC. From what I understand, they’re going to implement a system where we can melt down reds and use them to craft another. Not sure when it will be released though. I’m sitting on seven 2handed swords, 3-5 of nearly everything else. But not a single dagger or glaive for my elf XD

That would be great. Yes i heard that but nothing in this patch apparently. I love the game but does need some tweaks.
I read the patch notes and the upcoming ones for us on xbox were definitely needed but i hope they dont stop at just them. Further fixes are definitely needed. :grinning:

You discovered issues during the PC beta that had been running the past couple of weeks, and then waited until hours into the RELEASE DATE of the new DLC to let Xbox players know it was delayed until some unknown future date?

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Disconnected. Please fix it.

At this rate I worry for Fatshark’s reputation.

Do you guys know roughly when in September?

So how bout that Warrior Priest?

Hope we get an update soon. Is there a chance of hdr support?

Can we have please a more precise release date? Half of september like 15th? Or after the 20th/25th for the end of the month?

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Checking the forum every day hoping to see patch notes.


Is it because the certification process takes several days and the DLC was submitted late or it was decided at the 11th hour that it wasn’t ready for certification? Btw: love what you guys do Fatshark. I came over from reddit and its ridiculous there. As an xbox player I can’t see anything to complain about, V2 on Xbox has been so much better than V1 was. Love your game guys!


Maybe you just haven’t been hit by all of the crashes. Two days running we didn’t finish a single game for two hours each day. My group has stopped playing until a patch.

We got a stability patch maybe a week or two after launch if I remember correctly. It helped my experience quite a bit. Maybe my point of view is different though, I water so long for the dwarves DLC on VT1 that I forgot about VT altogether until well after it released.

Bogenhafen confirmed for Xbox for the 19th just the PS4 confirmation folks are waiting for.

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