Still hoping for a Undivided approach rather than a Nurglite centric

Instead of having it centered on Nurgle, I hope FS remain on a more Undivided form

How I see it:

Separate the Renegade Guardsmen from the Absolution cult (Nurgle), keeping half (Or more, 70/30 would be best) of the roster as a Undivided force

That way you can later on introduce forces from all other 3 Chaos God via Dlc/Flc

How it can work lore wise:

The various Chaos cults are often times working against each other, each wanting to pledge the planet to their chosen God, but at the start of an uprising those Chaos Cults are glad to work with each other, as they can become allies toward ousting the Imperial force at the scene, be it from the Imperial Guards, the Space Marines or the Inquisition. Then when

Thus we can have a varied force as allies of convenience ready to turn their sight at each other’s back when the planet is safely out of the Imperial Guards

How can it work Gameplay wise:

This would necessitate at the start of the game to be at least 2/3 Lords:

Undivided Main Lord that act as a Chaos Emissary (Either from Be’lakor or from an unnamed party from the Undivided Chaos, like the Great Beast)

This lord would be a Caster/Sorceror, like Rasknit and act as an Undivided Leader for the whole of Chaos

Lower rung lord:

Nurgle: Twisted Lord

Melee Caster, horrible mutated Plagued Cultist

Undivided: Renegade Guard General

Melee and Ranged Lord that call reinforcement and use a personal void shield

Khorne: Harvest Lord

Melee tanky lord that is incredibly fast and could have vampirism

Slaanesh: Remembrancer

AoE static Lord, armed with a Deamonic harp

Tzeentch: Psyker/Sorceror

Lightning power and teleporting or another magic power


Unit selection:

This would divide the units in 5(+) category which then can be declined into 2/3 category, each units would have 3 tags:

  • Type: Horde, Soldier, Elite, Officer, Specialist, Monster, War Boss and then Lord
  • Allegiance: Rather than have 5 of them (one for each God+Undivided): Undivided ; Khorne and Slaanesh ; Tzeentch and Nurgle
  • Mortal,Space Marines and Deamon

Explanation and example:

The first category would work just like it does in Vermintide

The added War Boss to complement the Monster category that might end up not full enough
The Officer, instead would be able to call upon unique abilities and order the troops (Causing the ranged troop to

Allegiance simply work the same way as the Skaven/Chaos attributes work in Vermintide (Though to limit the amount of alliances It’s better to have them englobe more than one god, either with Undivided and Cultist or by dividing the 4 cult into 2 sub-group ideally by making them face their rivals)

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i agree, hopefully there’s a degree of the randomisation from chaos wastes available in the Darktide launch