What do you want for 2022?

I think a VT3 is very unlikely, but Chaostide Fantasy doesn’t really get me

But I sincerly hope they don’t stay on a Nurgle centric roster for Darktide

I’m all in for that sort of thing. Put on the Doom music and I’m ready to go.

Oh i do know that each of the chaos gods got their own faction complete with different units and whatnot, comes with knowing about total war(hammer).

Its just a problem with picking the right type of demons to fit in, too weak and its just chaff but anything too strong and the U5 get rolled over instead. A bloodletter is fine but they are kind of just on the chaos warrior level.

So the question kinda is, which demon is a monster class?. What fits and what´s reasonable? And can it be implemented without people starting to spam for an entire faction of demons which wasnt on the table?

That and Fatshark will probably have a hard time convincing Games workshop that its a good idea to mix chaos factions, they hardly ever permitted that before. So its nurgle if anything.


Alright so i checked and if i am not mistaken the Nurgle monster type unit are the so called “Beasts of Nurgle”…i think i might be happier without em around. My eyes are in pain :sob:

I’d say a Plaguebearer would be a Mauler equivalent.

well on release we will get nurglecult only, and i don’t think chaos undivided addition in a later stage of the game would be logical.
but considering the setting, i feel like they could have
an ork invasion or eldar/drukari raid would be an easy insert, but necrons could work too they just need a reason to wake, maybe they have a warp inhibitor and the cult wants to get rid of it, waking them in the process

but i man orks would be my pick no doubt, not only does their inaccurate fire and melee focus lend itself best for this genre, getting their humor on screen in first person would be amazing…

I explained the minimal way to do a less Nurgle Centric view with what we have already seen in trailers in a separate post

But as far as allies go:

Skaven Fantasy:
  • Chaos Warrior Undivided & Monogod
  • Chaos Deamon Monogod
  • Beastmen Undivided
  • Chaos Ogre
  • VCount Nameless join Chaos during the ET
Greenskin AoS (Has the most variant)

Orruk Warclans:

  • Kruleboyz (Morks’ orc, more cunning than brutal)
  • Boneslpitterz (Savage Orcs)
  • Greenskinz (Normal/Grey Orcs)
  • Ironjawz (Black Orcs, tougher and bigger)

Ogor Mawtribes (Ogres)

  • Beastclaw Raiders (Ogre Hunter)
  • Firebellies
  • Gutbusters (Ironguts)
  • Maneaters

Gloomspite Gitz:

  • Moonclan (Night Gobbo)
  • Spiderfang (Forest Gobbo)
  • Troggherd (GS Troll)

But also:

  • Fimirash (Fimir, used to be part of Chaos in fantasy)
  • Gargants (GS Giants)
  • Beasts and Monsters

Taking in account that we keep the Traitor guards Undivided:

  • Nurgle Cult, Chaos Space Marines and Deamon
  • Slaanesh Cult, Chaos Space Marines and Deamon
  • Tzeentch Cult, Chaos Space Marines and Deamon
  • Khorne Cult, Chaos Space Marines and Deamon
  • Dark Mechanicus

I wish for:
-improvement of the code (game performance got worse with every patch so far and it is close to be unplayable for me now )
-introduction of higher difficulties because of power creep
-a more sensible approach to updates (more fixing instead of introduction of new bugs)

and when the game is in a good state again maybe
-actual new content for the main game(maps, monster, faction) without weird experiments like chaos wastes or weaves

My wishlist

  • new maps
  • craftable deeds
  • weave rework ( i really enjoy weaves but its a pity how they are connected to the base game)
  • new lords
  • maybe some single demon enemies (maybe some elite units) in the chaos wastes ( not a whole faction, because i think there will be balance issues)
  • dedicated servers cough
  • higher difficulty setting
  • rework of the end-events and lord-fights (they are in a really poor state)
  • some new weekly events ( maybe implement the geheimnisnacht into the weekly)
  • maybe wind-modifiers of the weaves as an optional modifier for basegame maps?

Does anyone else want proper mod support for V2?
Such as the ability to introduce custom skins, weapons, maps, models, enemies, soundtracks, etc?

Including an ability to play with mods on the official realm, without having to go through the “sanction” system?

In theory this would be nice, however, this isnt doable for VT2 for various reasons like preventing cheats, spagetti code crashes (already got too many) or not crossing GW´s rules regarding the warhammer franchise.

Particularly the last one makes the idea pretty much impossible.

Well if we did get more mod support, I think implementing a similar system to how DRG has done it, would be the best way. The mods that are in use is up to the host and people can choose to not join modded servers if they don’t want too. If they do decide to join they’re informed what mods are in use and if they’d still like to join the game. To me, that’s probably the best way to handle it.

As for the GW rules, yeah that’s the real issue. I guess we’ll never see custom maps then.

I really think especially after other premium careers Grail Knight needs a touch-up in terms of talents and maybe even some new weapons he could use. Grail Knight is not bad by any means!.. but it’s a little… lackluster almost compared to other premium careers that’ve come out? Even Outcast Engineer and ESPECIALLY Warrior Priest. It doesn’t feel very… Grail Knight’y y’know? He is kinda trying to do two things being an almost mix between Slayer and Foot Knight but does neither well. Overall I think with the new design experience in mind they should do a once-over on Grail Knight.

  1. Cata deeds with proper matchmaking, allowing 5 players at the same time.
  2. Proper inventory fix.
  3. Undisclosed bugs fixes.

You can already play any deed on cata difficulty if you’d like.

I can. Can you read the entire line of text?

Deed match making is something people have wanted for a long time, no arguments here.
Cata deeds specifically? Won’t happen unless they allow us to craft our own deeds or give us Cata chests to find those deeds.

What I would like to see is more adventure maps and new enemy types. I understand that FS got burned on the Beastmen but I’d still like to fight new foes even if it may take a 2-3 patches before they are more inline with current crop of enemies.


If they have the want to make more enemies, I hope they don’t do a whole new roster and instead bring more Elite/Special/Monster/Other rather than horde mob


I agree with this. More specials for both Rotbloods and Beastmen would be appreciated. And more Skaven enemies would also be nice.

I know we’ve had threads previously on this topic with many cool ideas.

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You know, I actually think the beastmen are a nice addition to the game; an alternative special to bannermen would be appreciated; maybe Centigors and Harpies? Also, maybe some shielded warriors like Skaven and Chaos have.

I’ve been thinking, for Skaven and Chaos variety; it’d be neat if they had variants of existing elites and specials based on different factions within the Warhammer universe.

Khorne, Tzeentch, and Slaanesh variants of everything with new specials and elites. Even if some elites were just visually redone for flavor, I’d enjoy that.

For Skaven, perhaps seeing some new clan-specific variants of elites/specials, and monsters, and again, even just visual flavor for clan-specific variants of the Stormvermin and Plague Monks. Perhaps add some slingers for a few ranged enemies too.

Ultimately, if they add a new faction, I’d love to see some undead of some sort.