Still crashing after 2 months

Still getting these random crashes after 2 months now of posting back in the other thread,“Connectivity & Ping Issues Since the 3.4 Release” and never got a solution. Latest console log:
console-2021-04-07-02.02.22-53d48024-45aa-405c-a13e-91827993fee1.log (789.6 KB)

Unfortunately no crash data is produced within the console log, we usually see this happen when the PC loses responsiveness. Is this the case for you?

I worded it incorrectly. I’m not “crashing” necessarily. What happens is I will “lose connection” to host, and typically lag out in place while enemies are running in place and I get sent back to my keep. This even has been happening when friends host and I get good ping (low 80-110 green range).

To confirm, do you have the latest updates to the Steam client installed? (‘Steam’ → ‘Check for Steam Client Updates’)

yes, I do. Just checked :frowning:

Are you perhaps able to try connecting your PC to a mobile data connection, only for a brief period, purely to see if the issues persist? This can help in isolating the issue.

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