"sticky" inputs?

I don’t know if that is a bug or a change from Vtide, but am I the only one noticing input not registering if soomething else is going on?

some example as I’m having some trouble explaining it:

  • I selecte the heavy stubber and immédiatly push left clic to fire as soon as possible: it goers into the ready animation then don’t fire until I lift the clic and push it again.
  • I’m blocking with a sword and clic quick switch while still blocking, the switch is ignored until I stop the block.

same with ogryn for drawing the nade while fighting, switching from gthe auspex while holding right click, tirggering charge while fighting… It feel like unless you are perfectly still there is always a risk of the game not registering some actions if you anticipate the associated click to act as soon as possible.

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Yeah, buffering/queuing up actions has been odd since the last patch. I’ve canceled my own ult on both Ogryn and Psyker multiple times over the past few days (the ult doesn’t go on cooldown, though). I’ve also ‘fired’ my gun without actually shooting. Example: I shoot my Rumbler as Ogryn, game makes the Rumbler’s firing noise. However, no ammo is spent and no grenade pops out.

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