Inputs being consumed/ not triggering/buffering incorrectly

It feels like (compared to V2) that my inputs are being ignored if they occur too early while some first person animations play.

Block cancelling as in V2 doesn’t seem to work so combat feels more like spamming the weapon combos and seems less responsive than compared to V2.

I’ve particularly noted that when trying to activate my blitz on psyker, the input will be ignored if the current animation (ie firing off a staff alt fire) is still playing.

My input chain goes something like;
hold right mouse to build up staff charge
press left mouse to trigger
press my ‘blitz’ key (Q in my case, which gets ignored)
try to press right mouse again to start head popping, but the staff is still equipped, causing some frustration.

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yeah i definitely feel the lack of input buffering and there is just no feedback when you are locked out or not , other than the command just not registering :wink:

I came here to agree with this sentiment. Most egregious to me is trying to go from rapier/dueling sword combo into brain burst, it feels like the different attacks in the combo have different animation lock durations so I’m left mashing my grenade key repeatedly until it lets me swap