Strange delay between psyker staff and brain burst

when you attack using a psyker staff you are locked out of swapping to brain burst for a second
this delay is not there when swapping to a sword for example
nor is it there when swapping from a gun to brain burst


I noticed that too. When a big special pops out and I fire off my charged staff attack, then try to switch to brain burst it often doesn’t let me until I hit the button again a bit later.

Switching weapons takes different amount of time, depending on the weapon afaik.

I’ve hit G five times and have not switched over. Super frustrating. I’ve also spammed R to quell peril like 3 times and it just keeps charging staff or brain burst. Also super frustrating.

This is driving me crazy. Have it bound to my mouse and I thought my side buttons were going out at first until I switched it back to G and realized it wasn’t me.

The delay is really lame and makes people mash whatever they have BB bound to. It feels like the game is being unresponsive and not reading your input.

Please fix or revert this back.

Sometimes there’s lag when swapping to/from BB in other circumstances too, it’s confusing in a tough fight.

This is a seperate issue I think, something to do with the game failing to queue player actions properly.