Game inputs not registering correctly

Issue Description:
Sometimes an input will not register correctly or outputting multiple inputs when only one input was sent. For instance, when a weapon swap is attempted, it will cycle right back to the original weapon instead of swapping to the alternate weapon. The issue isn’t just for weapon cycling though. It happens on all game inputs including reloading, failing to interact with objects, shooting multiple times when only 1 fire input is sent (sometimes it will go full auto when only clicking once), firing a blank even after doing the animation for a fire input, and so on. It is affecting all gameplay and the game is becoming unplayable at higher difficulties due to this issue. Issue may be tied with high intensity scenarios (frame drops maybe?)

Steps to Reproduce:
I’m not sure what is causing the issue as I don’t see anyone else having this issue, so not sure how to reproduce since it either affects someone or it doesn’t.


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
Every mission I’ve ever played

Reproduction Rate:
Issue occurs multiple times per mission. Upwards of 50-100 inputs per mission don’t register correctly.

Upload Supporting Evidence:
Here is a short clip of me trying to change from my melee weapon to my gun. While sprinting, I press Q once and it rapidly goes from melee to range back to melee as you can see in the bottom right. This happens 3 times before I stand still and do it again before it finally swaps correctly.

console-2022-11-22-19.45.03-b2f760c1-602c-4a0f-9987-062630d48a96.log (753.7 KB)
darktide_launcher.log (670.6 KB)


I am having this exact same issue, I thought I was going crazy. I have learned that it seems to be server or connection related as it doesn’t happen in the Psykhanium or in the prologue.

I’m having a related issue, charging my force staff for a heavy attack sometimes stops charging and starts charging again, wasting time and peril

Added this to our database. Cheers!


In my case I have something very similar namely that my character interrupts series of blows. It particularly bothers me when using combinations of light and strong attacks, such as when fighting an ogryn character using a mk III “butcher” knife or shovel. In Vermintide I had no such issues, and I could spam Kruber’s halberd combo all the time…