Steam workshop

I remember that mod support in the form of steam workshop (like in VT2) was promised about the same time as VT2’s, then delayed a bit to focus on the second game. This was more than a year ago. Is there an ETA for it?

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I’m pretty sure all work on VT1 has ceased in favor of VT2.

This was announced over 1 year ago. If something was announced for over a year ago, you haven’t heard anything of it since, and no other work has been done on the game in this interval, it’s almost definitely been scrapped.

It’s a damn shame. From what I heard from modders some time ago, it was basically all ready to launch.

With the state VT2 is atm, I would have liked to go back to the first game with some of the mod support i’ve grown used to in the second one

I tried asking Fatshark_Hedge about this in this thread, but no reply so far.
But as you can see from this post, their position on this topic was “we’re still looking to get mod support in there”, which leaves some room for hope.


It would be expecially exciting to get some of the modded realm stuff. I’ve dreamt of playing Khazid Kro as a full bardin team since ages ago. :heart_eyes:

the ability to make our own maps and plug in enemies would be awesome - which could then be shared on steam.
I don’t think we would ever get a map editor like this BUT if we did I’d be willing to €€€ for it.

they might never get out of the shrine to valaya with its huge biersteins…

What’s the point in getting out? Might as well let the raki come, fight them on holy ground. hick

EDIT: you know it’s gonna be fun on stormvermin mutation at least, let the rakogri deads pile as high as eerie peak! :wink:


Oh please when will steam workshop for Vermintide 1 be out? The first one deserves itm it also has a lot of good mods out there. Replayability would be great.

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Couldn’t agree more

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