Vermintide 2's Legacy

I know it’s not like support will completely stop with Darktide’s release (at least I hope not), but this got me thinking. Vermintide 1 was left without steam workshop, sadly, but - bots pathing aside - it was left in a pretty sweet state. I can go back and play it without any problems.

I often go back to games I’ve really liked in the past to play those again. Since Winds of Magic I’ve been denied this pleasure (what I mean is, I play VT2, but I can’t do a story run - play through the entirety of VT in order, to enjoy the story), because patches have been so far unable to remove beastmen from certain maps. Oleysa’s post mission reports are likewise unavailable, and that’s sad too.

I know I got already a lot out of this game, but this is really quite a big deal for me: being able to recreate the feeling of going through the game for the first time. So when I’m left thinking about the future of VT2 (what we’ll see, if we’ll have a sequel, etc) I question the game’s current state.

Ideally I’d love a dev’s reply to this (if they’ll eventually fix this), but meanwhile I ask the community: will I achieve what I want if I disable winds of magic through steam? (like, will oleysa go back to her old place, with her old dialogue? Will beastmen really disappear?). I haven’t tried it because, besides enjoying cata, I’m worried I might messed my save somehow (like, lose WoM’s items and such) but I’ve no idea if that’s a thing. I’m just a bit wary.

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You can’t do cata or use the WoM weapons if you disable the dlc, but they come back when you re-enable them.

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Bummer. But it’s good to know nothing worse will happen.
EDIT: can bots use them if they have them equipped?