Steam reviews situation

Yea, but it will only get People to not buy, ergo the Devs will lose money, ergo the Devs need to fire people to hold the lights on, ergo Patches come even more rare if ever

EDIT : When the Game would be out for lets say nearly A YEAR and nothing has changed, okay - Than they deserve the bad rep they get, but … well a nearly two months is nothing. And People already expect DLCs and stuff

EDIT 2 : I played a lot games, where the Community wanted more Content than bugfixes - So the Devs delivered more content on a more frequent basis - with that, more bugs come in, so they start complain about the Bugs, the Devs start to fix the bugs … and the Community start to complain there is no Content … Hell i dont envy game devs tbh :smiley:

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Count me in. When do we start?!

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We have already lost more than 50% players, maybe 2/3 already, and both of that since devs can’t make TWO changes, both of which require 20 MINUTES MAX. They can make any quest systems the want as long as they want, but right here right now there needs to be done a green dust fix, and a bad luck compensation system. And tripling droprates would be nice too.
These changes can be remade later, they can be reversed when the quest system kicks in, if devs desire so. But some solution should be made NOW.
And no, people actually reject DLC until the game is out of alpha state.

Yeah, blindly following community demands is a bad thing. But ignoring feedback is worse. There needs to be balance.

I’m at the jaded post-100 hours stage and I’ve decided to give the game a good long break until some big changes hit.

I certainly got my money’s worth (even having bought several copies of the game), but I feel the issues that kept V2 as merely a good value game and not a really great game were many bugs and imbalances that could have been rooted out before release with a few solid weeks of playtesting.

I was able to look past those flaws but my friends couldn’t, and with V2 being a co-op game it really doesn’t have mileage for me without good company. With lackluster patches and minimal communication from the devs I can’t truthfully tell them the game is close to being fixed, and even the “friends” I made in pubs have mostly dropped from the game now.

Best of luck to fastshark and the remaining community.

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Ok I’ll bite, what TWO CHANGES that would take 20 MINUTES MAX are you accounting responsibility for the entirety of the decrease in playerbase from?

As far as the 100h + people writing bad reviews we need to consider this:

There are many people out there whom have a obsessive compulsive need for completeness. For people like that, RNG loot drops like the ones in this game must be a nightmare. This likely leads to many of these people writing bad reviews. But I think this is more of a psychological issue of being unable to complete something rather than an actual dislike of the game.

It is important to be able to accept that you cannot have everything. However, many people are unable to do this.

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Than they shouldnt start something they cant complete °-°

How could they know finishing this thing was akin to winning the powerball?

They couldnt know - But not knowing that they couldnt finish, isnt the fault of the Devs or of the Game, its their own fault ^^ so, writing bad reviews because they cant complete the game, because they are completionist and need their completion fix is like a smoker who tells you the Cigarette industry is the fault he started smoking.


I suspected this may have been the case. I actually felt the need to change mine due to the endgame. I’ll change it back if/when fixed. I don’t think it’s unjust, especially as long as people explain it with a written review. Game should have been early access. If it was EA, I’d still give it a positive review.

The last thing to do in V2 is to test and/or min/max gear. Having an almost non-existent end-game due to low red drops and low green dust is a serious problem with the game. For the overwhelming majority of players they run smack in to this brick wall at some point. They can no longer make any meaningful progress. This is a problem with the game NOT the players. If someone asked me when i had 80 hours in the game if they should get it I’d say HELL YES!!! If someone asked me now while I have 375ish hours I’d tell them to wait until reds and green dust are fixed.

This game had a rough launch, the core gameplay is amazing and the end-game is very broken. This is exactly what happened to wildstar. A rough launch, amazing leveling fun, dead end-game. That game died because the devs were not quick enough to fix the end-game. So, when people got to the end game they just quit. By the time they finally got around to fixing end-game it was far too late. I honestly worry that will happen again here too because, for whatever reason, they don’t see the red/green issue as high priority.

This is the only game where I’ve been active on the forum. I want this game to succeed. I think it has a lot of great things going for it. I just hope that the devs can learn from the mistakes of their peers. Look at the numbers of people leaving. Look at the same type of negative posts after long play times and see that there is a major problem. Please…fix the red/green problem soon. You could simply give as much green dust to everyone as they have blue dust as a temporary fix while you implement whatever you want.

Save the playerbase. Save Vermintide 2.


Same thing happened to me - I was a little ways behind everyone, they all went through the gate and then I got a surprise horde murder party.

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It’s literally in the next sentence!

Or do you want me to tell you how these things should be implemented exactly? No problem, welcome to my suggestions post paragraphs 1.1 and 5.7. And I can give you another 3 possible solutions for green dust problem offhand, that are more ugly, but are even easier to implement, if very fast temporary fix is needed.

The changes might be a couple of weeks too late, though. Some players will surely return, but it might be so, that majority will not, until a massive improvement to the progression system is done. It doesn’t mean that hotfixes are not needed, though. It means, that there are priorities to be taken. And yet again, all that stuff is already described under that link.

Is there a warning though, that you can’t complete this game, unless quitting your job and leaving your family somewhere on the frontpage?

I think this is the first time someone’s gotten me mad during my time on the forum. Like real mad. I’ve heard a lot of dumb things, i’ve been insulted dozens of times, but this statement, that’s something. It is so dreadful, that it basically becomes beautiful, because it explains all the problems in the world that humanity is facing and all the reasoning behind them.


LOL, so true man…so freakin true XD

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The whole need to complete everything is rooted in entitlement and the obsession to have EVERYTHING. So in way, you are right NikKotovski, it does explain all the problems in the world that humanity is facing and all the reasoning behind them. People need to grow up and accept the fact that they cannot have everything. They need to learn the word “No”.

Average user: “We’ve got basically nothing.”
Eldyrus: “WOAH! Look who wants everything.”

Also, wtf necrobump?

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You have got a fully functioning game. That does not count as “nothing”

What you want is something in addition to the fully functional game - additional content. So yes, it is entitlement.

You have a laughable definition of “fully functional.”


I’m imagining you in a burning house telling everyone that everything is just fine. Fully functioning…lmfao.


If your definition of “fully functioning” is that you can successfully use the move and attack controls…then even then it’s not fully functioning.

I’ve played early access games that were performing better, were more polished and had less bugs than VT2.

You do realize that white knighting your beloved game only hurts it,especially if someone believes your “fully functioning” tales,buys it and then experiences the “early access beta stage” state the game is in and thus gets pissed,leaves a bad review and tells his friends not to touch it with a ten foot pole?

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