just gonna leave this here for anyone bitching and wanting refunds after MONTHS of owning the game

Steam refund policy does not trump consumer rights in individual countries, especially within the EU. Just sayin’.

Still I highly doubt “their previous roadmap said we gonna have content dlc in april” makes you eligible for a refund.

Honestly I think the only people who should be allowed to QQ about the delayed content are the ones who’re farming Legend difficulty with 100% success rate. Until you achieve that, you didn’t beat even the core game.

And I’m saying this as someone who havent even played Legend, because I have no premade group of friends, and well, since most of you aren’t farming Legend either, seeing how many times people fail on Champion, or even Veteran, I do not dare to try Legend with randoms.

I am speechless. :neutral_face:

Not even gonna comment on that, cause that’s self-explanatory.

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