EDIT: Some FS fanbois and apologists are trying to mislead the title… This is NOT about the MONEY this is a WAR against tricky developers…


Please let us know if you get your refund. Thanks.
I already be scammed by Eternal Crusade, don’t want to be scammed for another Warhammer game, anymore.


TugraZEYBEK, I see caps but not bold…

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Someone is impatient…

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When things were announced to be effective on release and 2 months after, you don’t ear anythin about them anymore… I don’t think we can call it being impatient… it’s being scammed…

When you buy a car, you expect to have the engine to drive it when you get the keys, not a long time after…


Fatshark reacted to “your” screaming “Fix that, Fix this, my favorite Class was nerfed to hard” and so there Focus is now complet on those Things. No real Reason to complain about that from my Point of view, still there are many other little Things, Details like a Equvalent to the Banner for finishing each Mission on Cata(Legend), the implementing of the Bounty Bord aka Quest System or making Deeds worth to do, thats what we need now.

first off check your spelling…second off you can’t expect mod support immediately on launch with ANYTHING…third off if this was a scam they would not have given us a game FOR you to get that refund…OK sunshine?

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oh yeah and if it has been more than two WEEKS since you bought the game according to VALVE’S REFUND POLICY…no refunds

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Ok dear,
1st : english is not my mother tongue, so judging anyone for his spelling of a language is really… how would I call that ? a word that could grant me a warn from moderators.
2nd : who told about mod support ? is there only mod support that was promised on release ? nah mate, I don’t think so. What about cosmetics, paintings etc… ?
3rd : "fix this, fix that " dude, when you have to patch the patch you just released… clearly something is going wrong.
4th : The crafting system is far from VT1, why did they make a step backward ? they just shot themselves with this looting system and this damn RNG god while everything could have been solve with the good ol’ crafting system !
5th : I know Steam’s refund policy, but I’ve seen many games being refunded cause of the scam, and this was not so long ago. Remember the No man’s Sky thing ?

Fact is game was supposed to have some features on its release date, but in the end, it didn’t and still doesn’t have them. That’s what we call scamming.

So calm down fanboy.


Out of curiosity, how many hours have you logged in VT2? It’s always entertaining when someone puts over 100hrs into a game, then demands their money back. How poor do you have to be to ask for $30 back, after spending 100s of hours in a game? Sure, this game has had it’s bugs/glitches/hiccups, but for $30 I know I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

163.1h overall, he did a poor job masking info on the screenshot.

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That’s not a very solid argument for games like this (eg. ones where the game doesn’t really even start until you’ve got over 100hrs in). No one starts an MMO, for example, because they love the lvl 1 content. This is a very big issue in the industry, ie. making sure the first few hours are perfect to disguise the fact the end game is non-existent or trash. It’s the game dev equivalent of putting up drywall to hide the fact your house’s foundation is crumbling when you go to put it on the market. You can’t tell a lot of games are unfinished until you reach the point where the game’s… yknow… unfinished.

Hours also doesn’t reflect game quality, enjoyment level, or bugginess. One’s motivations for putting time in may not be purely out of enjoyment. Another good point is that a lot of manhours are flushed down the toilet in VT2 to bugs and crashes. When runs take as long as they do and you can crash or get a bugged out director at the end, that’s time totally stolen.


Oh I agree, but still, almost 200hrs? I would laugh at a refund request too, if I were FS or steam. Also, the way he presented his argument is so juvenile with all caps and tantrum behavior, Steam will just send it to the trash bin.


This. It’s also worth noting that actual content in this game wouldn’t take many hours to go through at all. It is repetetive content with increasing difficulty and increasing rewards, and most such games you really do have to put in an obscene amount of hours before the cracks become obvious.

Yeah about screaming for a refund… I’m not saying I agree with the OP here, but then again it would be impossible to assess this game properly within 2 hours, or even 2 weeks.


I completely understand, but 200hrs is more than enough time to hit the power cap, enter legend and decide if it’s the game for you. I’m not a fanboy either. This is my first VT game, and the bugs and lack of content annoy me too. I still find a way to get enjoyment out of it though. If it was as bad as the OP is making it out to be, I would have moved on as well. I mean, I actually went back to Destiny 2 to check out the new updates since launch, and I made it two hours before turning it off.

I agree it’s hard to ask for a refund with so much time and that it’s worth the money. I think the presentation is a cultural thing and I don’t wanna disregard the message because of the messenger. TBH, I had zero problems with the game until I had 100 hours because everything before that was just leveling/grinding.

I think the comparison to No Man’s Sky is accurate, if a bit extreme. We were promised things that weren’t and still aren’t delivered. If there was an option to temporarily refund until the game reached the point where it’s as advertised, I’d consider it on principle.


Heh I’m so glad I’ve never played a minute of Destiny.

yeah I agree with you. Mod support etc was never promised by release, and everyone knows timeframes slip all the time in game development.

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For sure, and for $30? Not many games out there offer as much entertainment value for the money at the moment. If it was a AAA game/company, I would definitely be a lot more disappointed.

Wrong my friend…
When you release a product you MUST to release it in properly WORKING…

I know champion…
We will see what happens if a few HUNDREDS people try to refund it with the SAME complaint…

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