Hidden patch notes to prevent refunds

Was it your intention not to communicate patch notes so that you would not receive refunds based on the gutting and illogical widespread nerfs to characters?

Nerfs so harsh some of the main talents are essentially a non option (team healing on waystalker, extra ammo on salty).

Real dick move to apply stealth nerfs and hope no-one noticed and played the game beyond their steam refund period.


Sigh. I think you might be a tad bit overreacting. Obviously only my opinion.
I did play some 60 hours in prerelease, though, that’s essentially the same game. Doubt I could refund it now.
Far as I remember that was for “under 2 hours”? Few people who only played that long would have strong opinions about balance changes, I think.


VISA chargeback / Kerrilian changeback one or the other tbh

Yes those nerfs were a bit too harsh as the character wasn’t even OP.

You’re overreacting. Do you really think people are going to mass-refund just because their favorite class got nerfed?


Did they nerf the elf?

Dang dude, yall need to play more. The game is absurdly easy at the moment. Legendary is not nearly as hard as it needed to be with relation to then uncapped power level. The “nerfs” only turned an insanely easy game into a very easy game. If you have the skill set, then careers are all redundant, don’t need talents or traits when you get 300 power levels from level 30.


Dont agree on the refund part but that doesnt change the main issue. I agree that the treatment is stupid, they were already doing that before, their patch notes badly had everything that they changed, I would rather a long and boring patch notes with all the changes including minor things (lf you increase density of chaos warriors by 0.01 to fix a issue on the engine, tell us.) than fake patch notes or straight telling us “play the game”.

Show us what you are thinking, what the numbers are, so we can give feedback and help on balancing the game so it feels good to us, the players.

Ironic you say this because the numbers and what they are thinking would only influence what you are thinking and thus your feedback. As of now with so much still unknown people have to legit discover it again for themselves. Not saying that is the right way to do it, but it’s true.


Of course it does not. its gives way better specific feedback, i do not wish to offend, but i found stupid and patronizing to think that there is such thing as too much information. i can see what they changed and based on how its feeling, what they can change more, or if they hit the sweet spot, specially on numbers, since most of the time, they nerf in numbers instead of being smart like they were now by reducing huntsman ult and cutting the effect from melee, the real nerf that they should have done on the first time.

Which thanks to transparency we know that was just a change on damage multiplier that had zero pratical effect.

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Being a part of a beta is a privilege, not a right. As far as I’m concerned we should accept version 1.0 as just that. The first version of an officially released game.

Take it in, find the broken stuff, but good lord don’t complain.


those talking about nerfs should probably try the game and realize you can roll over champion currently due to how much weaker the enemies are. i realize people did get changed (hi i’m an elf) but it currently feels like the swung it much harder on the enemies than the players, to the point i’d forgotten some of the things even got nerfed.


I agree on the lacking of patch notes but game got just released,nerfs/buffs are NOT set in stone lol. If you think they are and try refund bye!

You want a refund because they nerfed some stuff? Good riddance. See you on the way out.

You should play the game because you think its fun, not because you rely on one or two factors.
And not to mention, Fatshark actually listens to us, unlike some devs. There are many, many patches yet to come. They will fix things more and more as they find the right balance.


You can still check all the talents in game within the two hours and they are still subject to change. If they wanted to prevent refunds due to nerfs they would wait a week after release to push the changes, don’t you think?

As such reading malice into not releasing patch notes is firmly in the tinfoil hat territory.

The alpha and closed beta was a privilege. It was fun. i agree with you.

But, at the point that their marketing team makes a soft launch, called “Pre-Order beta” that had the same issues than the Betas before, and straight tell you, to attract buyes, that they will keep progress unless something very wrong happens.

its not a privilege really. Thinking that the game released as it is, its the 1.0 its like believing that a software entered on alpha less than 1 month before its launch.

You make no sense. They had no reason to nerf ANY class bar BH in anyway. It’s a non competitive co-op game. The only class in need of balance was the BH because he has the best boss removal in the game by far but any complaint about any class should be directed at wizards atm.

Sienna is the single top damage dealer now BH is nerfed (normally top damage due to ammo busting a boss) because health on kill negates her entire cooldown/vent for damage mechanic, more so than ranged having near endless ammo but actively having to deal with shields and armour, neither of which bother the wizard or dwarf.

Basically my point is that unless something breaks the game like BH did, theres no reason to nerf it. It’s not a competitive game in the slightest due to a lack of Vs mode and players chief complaints tend to be “I dont like people playing how they want”, which is obscenely toxic to a community and limits the games appeal.

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For me personally, no, doesn’t affect me - however if you only play 1 class, take to a playstyle and then thats suddenly removed - it’s a little petty, but why shouldn’t they? I’m not going to tell someone how they should play the game.

Regardless of skill, level, talents whatever else people want to throw out - if you remove the playstyle that a lot of people seemed to really enjoy then you are asking for trouble

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So you are saying that it is their main intention to purposely screw around with people? Yes that makes total sense, I’m sure that is what they are doing on purpose.

There is no playstyle that got removed, some OP stuff got nerfed so they are in line with everyone else, they aren’t useless and you can still complete legend easily with those playstyles.

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