My Step-By-Step Relationship with VT2

  1. Play for a few months and a couple hundred hours.
  2. “That was fun, but I think it’s starting to phase out.”
  3. Stop playing for a bit.
  4. “Oh, new maps. I guess I’ll give them a quick run through before returning to this other game I’m playing.”
  5. Play for a few months and a couple hundred hours.
  6. “That was fun, but I think it’s starting to phase out.”
  7. Stop playing for a bit.
  8. “Oh, a sale on this new career. I’m not really into the game anymore but I may as well get it and just refund when I inevitably don’t get back into the game.”
  9. Return to Step 1.


It would seem the humour/joke was lost for a few people.

The joke being every time I think the game has run it’s course for me I come back to give new maps or the new career a try and it ends up being a long term commitment.
This is a positive post for the game. Can’t believe I have to explain it. XD


This game isn’t for everyone. If you get bored easily then maybe you should try to play a MMO with a lot of quests, gear choices, abilities, group events, and raids.

You shouldn’t do this at all. Players who buy DLC only to refund it when they are done will only lead Steam (and other stores) to increase their refund restrictions.

I can understand if you bought a game and had to refund it because it didn’t work properly on your PC/console but to refund something because you’re bored with it is just plain wrong.

Maybe refunding for that is morally wrong, but Steam gives an option for that specific reason in the refund page.

No, it does not.


Refunds are designed to remove the risk from purchasing titles on Steam—not as a way to get free games. If it appears to us that you are abusing refunds, we may stop offering them to you. We do not consider it abuse to request a refund on a title that was purchased just BEFORE a sale and then immediately rebuying that title FOR the sale price.

Steam Refund Policy

Purchasing games/content to essentially PREVIEW as a demo is also considered abuse of the refund system.

There is literally an option for “It’s not fun,” here is a picture:

I don’t care if you think it’s abuse, that’s up to Steam Support not some random person on the Fatshark Forums. I don’t think Kruber would like your attitude if he was real :slight_smile:

LOL It doesn’t say because I’m bored.

Steam only allows a certain number of refunds in a given time period which is unknown to the users. It’s up to the player to take responsibility to RESEARCH a game before making a purchase.

You should probably do more research because a lot of people get denied refunds from using the “It’s not fun” option. Whether you like it or not, there still is a soft cap on refunds. Go ahead, abuse it, because one day you’ll lose your refund privileges and never get to refund a game/dlc ever again.

Refunds are a privilege. Not a right.

Do you know what the definition of boredom is? Why am I even bothering replying to you?

I also think it’s hilarious you automatically assume I’m going to abuse the refund system because I understand how it works. Something clearly crawled up your butt during your day today haha.

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If you bothered to even click on the links above and read them then you would have saw this response from a moderator concerning Steam refunds:


haha, yea pretty accurate.
This game is just pretty addicting, then starts to get a bit less exciting and take a break, once you come back its like the first time you played it. Feelsgoodman.


This was a humour post.
Of course I keep coming back because the game is awesome and no I didn’t refund.
I’m having a laugh because I, once again, returned without fail after the addictive nature of rat bashing sinks its claws in.

Well, at least you got the nature of the post. XD


So, you think it’s funny to bash a game and joke about refunding dlc after playing it?

Thank you for wasting my time.


It’s like the runescape meme. You never quit runescape.
This is like the same humour.

Stop getting stuck on details, he could of replaced the refund part with
“Oh, a sale on this new career. I’m not really into the game anymore but I may as well get it and just work some more overtime to get the wasted money back when I inevitably don’t get back into the game.”
literally makes no difference on the point of this post. XD


And as much as it’s a joke it’s also kind of reality.
I had stopped for a bit and when the Drachenfels maps came out I thought I’d stop in to run through them and then go back to the current game I was on. It turned into a long term commitment.
After escaping again for a bit, I saw the Grail Knight on sale so convinced myself to give it a shot because why not? Once again I was initially assuming I wasn’t going to stick around because I was on to other things… yet here we go again!

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