I honestly feel cheated

The game constantly crashes, and it’s even worse now than in the pre-order beta. I dont understand what Fatshark is doing.

The core gameplay is awesome, but atm its unplayable. 4-5 CTDs in a game is the norm for me.
20h so I cant refund. But I would if I could. Atm the game is stability of the game is trash. I want to play, but I cant. Like… wtf?

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Give ISLC a try.

Forum post explaining it.

Tool website

if the game is in an unplayable state you have the right to return it, you gotta write a ticket to the steam support and make the point your doing here, refer to the reviews of the game as proof

9/10 times they gonna refund you

the 2h refund policy is just for unconditional refunds


Drop a negative review and refund the game. If it’s unplayable, then you’ll have no problem getting your money back.