Fatshark EULA violation

“Fatshark warrants that the Game will provide the features and functions generally described in the product specification at the time of your purchase and in the product documentation.”

Dedicated servers was a feature that was advertised MONTHS before release and was continually promised for approximately a month AFTER release.

It was most definitely considered a key feature of the game at the time I purchased it but was not provided on release.

Why don’t you get your refund already.

I don’t really approve of harassing reasonably well doing devs with even better intentions. Please use that rage to stomp EA and Bethesda.


I thought this OP was offered a full unequivocal refund by Fatshark? I’m not sure there’s anything a sensible reasonable person can do other than completely refund the product you are so unhappy with? Would you like a couple of cubic centilitres of blood from someone’s veins to assuage your anger? Judging by your post history, I’m not sure that would even be enough…


Like others here have hinted at, I too suggest to just take your refund and move on in life.


Good grief, give it a rest already.

Dedicated servers were not listed in the product specifications. They were never “advertised”. They were listed on the roadmap as a feature the devs were working on, but there was never a guarantee and they most certainly were not sold as a part of the game at the time you purchased it.

I’d like to see dedicated servers just as much as the next ratstabber, but come on, what do you hope to accomplish by repeated rage-posting about it? Based on reading all of your past posts, it seems pretty clear that something is wrong with your setup. There are lots of people on here that might be able to help you find a solution, but no one wants to when you default to bashing the devs and fellow forum members at the drop of a hat.


We’ve offered to refund you Shella. Twice now.

This offer still stands.

Locking post.